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Cruising Glossary - Looking for the definition of a common cruise term? See our cruising dictionary.

1. Selecting a Cruise Port The first of a series, this article features the secrets to choosing a port of departure that is best suited to your travels.
2. Related "Getting There" Costs How to save money getting to your cruises.
3. Timing Your Cruise Purchase to Save Money How to save money on your cruises by timing your cruise purchase.
4. Discounts and Other Credits Other ways to save on cruise bookings, get onboard credits and protect your investment.
5. Cruise Ship Stateroom Selection How to get the best deals and the smoothest ride - location, size, amenities and number of beds.
6. Saving Money During the Cruise The experienced cruisers at CruiseMates to tell us the many ways they have to save money onboard the ship
7. Shore Excursions and Tours How to save money on shore tours and time in port during your cruise.
8. Picking Your First Cruise Ship A guide to help first-time cruisers differentiate and select their first cruise line and ship.
9. Seasickness and Health at Sea How to avoid seasickness and the fabled "cruise ship virus" aboard cruise ships.
10. Use a Cruise Travel Agent Why a travel agent can be your best cost-free asset in booking a cruise.

How to Smuggle Booze onto a Cruise Ship
How to sneak liquor onto a cruise ship - the full story from an authoritative source. 04-16-10
Calculating Passenger Space Ratio
Exactly how useful is this industry standard? In some cases not useful at all.
Overcoming the Motion of the Ocean
Should you avoid cruise travel due to fear of seasickness? How can those prone to the symptoms curb the effects?
Saving Money During the Cruise
The experienced CruiseMates cruisers tell us how to save money on shipboard charges during a cruise.
Tipping Guidelines for Cruisers
While some cruise lines are all-inclusive, most others expect passengers to reward gratuities according to proper cruise etiquette.
A Cruise for Everyone
No matter your background nor your interests, there is surely a cruise vacation that will suit you.
Cruise Entertainment Hits New Heights
Entertainment is in the spotlight of cruising these days as the major cruise lines compete for headlines.
Cell Phone Tricks for Cruise Lines
Watch out for this unexpected data charge by cell-phone providers even if you have data-roaming turned off.
Think You Know Cruising?
Cruise travel may be the most generally misunderstood vacation experience – especially by those who have never taken a cruise.
Cruiser's Culinary Cheat Sheet
by Janice Wald Henderson Have you ever been stumped by a word on a cruise ship menu? Here is your cruiser's culinary cheat sheet.
Comparing Luxury to Mainstream Cruise Costs
You can actually choose either cruising experience for the exact same price.
Modern Cruise Misconceptions
It's inaccurate fear mongering that misinforms opinions about the cruise industry.
The Best Cruise Ship for Your Demographic
While passé cruise stereotypes no longer apply, choosing the appropriate line and ship for you is still paramount.
Children Onboard Cruise Ships
by Jason Leppert Kids belong on cruises, but only when parents can assure fellow passengers their children will maintain proper manners.
Ten Tips for Better Cruises
An invaluable list of suggestions on how to make your cruise the best it can possibly be.
First-time Cruise Advice for 2011
Cruising has changed! Updated advice for the modern world of cruises for today's first-time cruiser.
Free Cruise Scams Return
Slick language and flashy images attempt to lure postcard recipients with false promises.
16 Unexpectedly Essential Cruise Items
Our own experienced CruiseMates devise a list of essential items to bring on every cruise   Go>
The Top Cruise Misconception
This one bit of knowledge can help you find the best cruise bargain and save money every time. And it's the most misunderstood aspect of cruise pricing   Go>
May 20, 2011
Cruise Trips: Adventure over Relaxation
Despite the relaxing image, a cruise trip can be as adventurous as any vacation, depending on the ship and itinerary. 05-16-11
How to Organize A Group Cruise
Putting together a group cruise may be easier than you think -- with a little bit of organizational skill and lots of help from the right people   Go>
Common Cruise Ship Courtesy
Cruise ships are some of the best and last representative bastions of the finest in human courtesy and culture. Our readers give us their list of common courtesy suggestions for guests on cruise ships.   Go>
Planning A Cruise
By making the right decisions ahead of time you can free up a lot of spare time to help you get more out of your cruise.   Go>
How Not to Solve Cruise Problems
Understanding the hierarchy of cruise ship staff and crewmembers helps you solve cruise problems.   Go>
Why do Cruise Ships Have Butlers?
What is the role of a cruise ship butler, and do we really need one? We ask Leslie Philpott, purveyor of butler services to Azamara Cruises.   Go>
The Most Common Cruise Mistakes - Part 1
There are two reasons why cruisers make mistakes that ruin their vacations: The questions we never think to ask; and the things we neglect due to over-confidence. 10-1-10
Cruise Buying Misconceptions
Most disquieting, 56% of people responded that they believe they can get a better price on a cruise if they book it on their own - without the help of a travel agent.   Go>
August 18, 2010
Avoiding Norovirus on Cruise Ships
The good news; symptoms only last up to 48 hours. The bad news; it takes only a very small amount of the virus to spread the disease. 03-12-10
Becoming a Travel Agent
Think it's a cakewalk to get started in this career? Think again ... 03-09-09

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