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"Kids learn by doing," is an oft-heard quote of Family Cruise Editor, Luisa Frey Gaynor. "I find no better way to accomplish this than by cruising the world with your children," she adds.

"Family cruising is an easy, comfortable and fun way to let your kids experience the natural and man-made wonders of the world," says Luisa. "Whether it's watching a glacier calve in Alaska, swimming with the dolphins in the Caribbean, or being awed by the Roman Colosseum, cruise ships take you to the world's best classrooms."

Luisa's 11-year-old daughter Alexandra has been on 18 cruises and her three-year-old son Ethan on five, having thoroughly enjoyed them all. Her youngsters are particularly fond of the family time that cruising affords combined with the complimentary youth programs. While at sea, Alexandra has dissected squid, made replica Greek vases, gone rock climbing, and enjoyed many a pajama party, to name just a few.

Luisa is no stranger to writing about traveling and cruising with children. In 2000, she joined the team as Family Cruise Editor. She also writes for USA and FamilyFun magazine's travel sections, as well as for Family Travel Forum web site and Postcards magazine. Luisa's advice on cruising with kids has been quoted in Redbook magazine and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Additionally, she has worked on a number of family travel guidebooks including "Cruise Vacations with Kids" and "Great Family Vacations" series.

As Family Cruise Editor for, Luisa writes monthly articles on various aspects of cruising with kids and also answers parents' message board questions. While she gives out plenty of advice on family cruising, her most valued suggestion to parents planning a cruise with their offspring is to "read the family cruise articles on this site first and then plan ahead. Once you do your homework, it'll be smooth sailing every time you and your family set foot aboard ship!"

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