Alexandra Gaynor

| Teen Cruising Editor
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From the time I was three, I have seen the world from the decks of over two dozen cruise ships. Cruising has always been a fun aspect of my life because my mom (who is the CruiseMates Family Editor) has been writing about cruising long before I was even born. So what is it that I like so much about cruising? Definitely the food. I've never been on a ship where I didn't like the food. Also there is always so much to do but at the same time, a lot of time to relax. I also love going to exciting new places. I've been to many cool destinations around the world on cruise ships such as Europe, Costa Rica, Bermuda, Alaska and more. I've seen lots of changes in the cruise industry even though I'm only a teenager. I never thought I would see some of the things that are on cruise ships today such as rock walls, bowling alleys, and surf parks. My job is to help you pick which cruise is right for you.

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