| a.k.a. Morris Blitt

Let's face it, history hasn't known many famous Morris's.

An image of Morris the Cat just jumped into your mind, didn't it? Keep that thought, translate it into human form, and you know Kuki -- a 6'4" 245lb man who resembles a Canadian bear but acts like a teddy bear.

Kuki lives in "something less than cruise capital of the world," Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He's a baby-boomer who's still married to the same woman he proposed to after knowing each other one week. They have two Kuki juniors, both male, and both avid cruisers.

Kuki owns the St. Louis Hotel in Calgary, a well known local historic site built in 1910, where the bar is "the place to be" during the world famous Calgary Stampede. His business experience gives Kuki great insight into two of the most important factors of cruising; good service and having fun.

Kuki took his first cruise in December of 1994 and embraces it with characteristic passion. For someone so new to the cruise industry he's shown amazing zeal in attempting to try them all -- he's cruised aboard ships from the fleets of Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Holland America, Celebrity, Seabourn, and Princess; and is always trying to add to the list.

As the host for the "Cruise Cafe" cruise chat on America Online, Kuki's humorous approach to cruising and his genuinely friendly personality became evident immediately. Even though people were only "meeting" him on their computer screens, he is a Pied Piper of cruising and his love of meeting new people often evolved into planned cruises with people who were previously just electronic friends. Kuki loves it when online friends e-mail to ask "When is OUR next cruise?"

Prior to each cruise Kuki instigates and organizes his now famous "CruiseMates Get-together Bashes" in the departure port city. They are an excuse for anyone in the area of the port city who has heard "the sound of his fingers" to meet other "strangers" to discuss their favorite topic; cruising.

Kuki believes that meeting new people and making new friends is one of the MAJOR reasons why people choose to cruise. He's especially thrilled about CruiseMates as a way to meet fellow cruisers and develop new friendships online and on board ships.

If you want honest, occasionally twisted views of cruise ships and cruising experiences along with a large serving of laughter, get to know Kuki through his articles and his postings on the CruiseMates Message Boards. He's our "Cruise Director," and he's ready to sail!

His motto is "Get me out to sea and I'll find a way to make it a vacation worth remembering."

Read his weekly blog updates here.

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