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Theodore W. Scull is a New York-based author, travel writer and lecturer specializing in maritime subjects and the New York region. Among six books published are 100 Best Cruise Vacations, The Top Cruises throughout the World for a Interests and Budgets, by The Globe Pequot Press, and Ocean Liner Odyssey 1958-1969, personal accounts of sea travels, by Carmania Press, Greenwich, England.

He is Contributing Editor at Travel-Holiday, and articles, with photographs, appear in nearly every issue of Cruise Travel magazine and regularly for Travel Weekly's Cruise Guide.. Scull writes a bimonthly column on the cruise industry in Ships Monthly, a UK publication, and has done numerous cruise ship reviews for Fodor's Worldwide Cruises and Ports of Call, Macmillan Travel's The Unofficial Guide to Cruises, Frommer's Caribbean Cruises and Ports of Call and for STAR SERVICE (Cahners), The Critical Guide to Hotels and Cruise Ships.

Travels include N. & S. America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia, and Antarctica with over three years aboard 150 ships of all types - cruise liners, expedition vessels, cargo ships, riverboats, barges and coastal ships. He has lived in Paris and London and worked at a medical mission in Tanganyika.

Academic degrees: M.A. history, University of London; M.S. Education, Bank Street College, NY; and B.A. history, Trinity College, Hartford. He taught at two Manhattan independent schools and was Middle School Principal at Trinity School. He worked for Holland America Line in the mid-1960s. He is married to Suellyn Scull, until recently Upper School Principal at Trinity, and he has lived in Manhattan since 1964 and at his present address since November 1982.


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