| Consumer Affairs Columnist

Tim RubackyPresently the manager of a large division at a prominent New York-based travel agency, Tim Rubacky's love for cruising and the sea was formed at an early age and has never abated. His background covers a wide range of cruise industry companies, including Bermuda Star, Celebrity, Commodore, Crown, Norwegian Cruise Line, Regal Cruises and Regency Cruises. This, combined with over 100 cruises under his belt, has given him an insider's knowledge of the inner workings of the cruise industry and insight into helping cruisers find the perfect ship for them.

Tim's love of sharing information and a passion for cruising has led to a career in journalism. In addition, he is a regular media source for journalists covering the cruise industry. According to Tim, "helping cruisers and travel agents alike avoid pitfalls and leading them to make the right choices through informed decisions is the greatest feeling in the world."

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