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Tweety Once upon a time, a Long, Long Time ago, when I was young and foolish, I dreamed of cruising. That was when I believed that cruising was for the Rich and Famous, so I kept on dreaming. As I grew older I realized (sadly I must add) that I was never gonna be Rich or Famous and if I was ever gonna cruise, it would have to be NOW. So I booked that first cruise. Now these days, my goal in life is to someday grow up and be just like Kuki, and cruise all the time.

Since that first cruise we have been on several others, ('bout 10 now) we have cruised Celebrity, HAL, Carnival and RCI and to date haven't found a cruise or a cruise line that I didn't like. Some are better than others, but when someone is feeding me, making my bed, picking up after me and waiting on my every whim, What's not to LIKE?

I was born and still live on Long Island in New York and spend my days working as a Business Systems Analyst for a large manufacturing firm. My job takes me to many places in the US and I still haven't found anyplace else where I would like to live. My hubby, Harry (fondly referred to by friends and family as "The Coot") is retired and hangs around doing Honey Do's that I find for him to do. We have two great girls, Thumper and Tammi and a granddaughter who I love to spoil. I've taught them that cruising is for everyone and they join us frequently.

So here I am today, old and still foolish and I'm still dreaming of cruising, but now I spend most nights just chatting about it with all the wonderful people we meet online in the chat and cruising every chance we get. Come on and join us.


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