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Cruise Line Sponsorship Package

CruiseMates is in the business of supplying cruise information to cruise consumers. We maintain a complete set of professsionally written Cruise Reviews that we publish on CruiseMates and also license to outside companies.

CruiseMates is advertising supported, and 100% of our income is derived from companies in the cruise industry. This supports us in our efforts to bring extensive, timely and accurate cruise information to the cruise consumer.

The Internet surpassed the travel agent community as the leading source of travel information for cruise consumers in 2003. More cruisers now make their travel decisions based upon information found on the Internet than anywhere else.

Since CruiseMates is easily one of the top cruise sites online, visited by 10,000 to 25,000 individuals per day, it is safe to say that every day thousands of cruisers make decisions based upon the information contained in our site.

Cruise Line Specific Information Offered by CruiseMates:

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  1. Cruise Line and Ship Reviews: For every cruise line typically sold by agents in North America CruiseMates has an overall review summarizing the company and individual reviews for each ship in the fleet.

  2. Ship Itineraries: CruiseMates lists the itineraries of every ship we review; sorted both regionally (for people looking for all ships cruising in a specific region) and by cruise line (for people who favor a specific cruise line looking for destination options).

  3. Message Boards: Each cruise line has a separate message board with CruiseMates staff members assigned to monitor the messages and answer questions.

  4. Reader Submitted Reviews: CruiseMates has thousands of independently written reviews by paying cruisers who choose to share their ship experience on with the public.

  5. Demographic specific content such as Family, Teen, Gay, and Singles cruising areas with in-depth articles of interest to each of these demographic markets.

The Cruise Line Sponsorship program offers the highest degree of coordination between our cruise content and your advertising to ensure that when a consumer is actively researching your cruise line they will receive the message you want to convey.

This Cruise Line Sponsorship Package is practical and affordable.

The Current Challenges for Cruise Lines in Online Media:
  1. Obviously, CruiseMates spends a lot of time money and money educating cruise consumers and assisting them in making cruise choices. But for advertising, without your commitment to this program a potential customer may be researching your cruise line while a huge banner for your competitor appears on the same page.

  2. CruiseMates creates all of its own content, and while we do an excellent job of keeping our information accurate and timely, we are an editorial site, not a promotional one. Our first responsibility is to convey facts to the consumer. It is YOUR job to "accentuate the positive" with promotional material about your product. We can only cover topics we feel are editorially relevant based upon our commitment to clarifying the cruise decision-making process. You, however, are free to paint the pictures.

The Solution: the Cruise Line Sponsorship Program:

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We have created a five part Cruise Line Sponsorship Program to enable you to integrate your message into our CruiseMates content.


On every page in CruiseMates that contains a review of any kind about your product, all banners on that page will be for your cruise line. Each page in CruiseMates typically has between two and four banners.

There are many different reviews in CruiseMates;

  • 1) Cruise Line Overview (by Anne Campbell)

  • 2) Individual Ship Reviews (by Anne Campbell)

  • 3) Reader Contributed Reviews (by our readers)

  • 4) Individual ship itineraries (by our readers)

    Each of these pages will have your cruise line banners.

    CruiseMates sends out an editorial newsletter every week. As a part of this package we will add "cruise line updates" to the newsletter. As a sponsor, you will get a mention here every week. You can either supply us directly with the information you want us to include, or we will get it from your latest press release.

    The subject of every press release your company sends out will get a mention in our news pages.

    CONTRIBUTED ARTICLES   Sample: Spotlight on Windstar Cruises!
    You can send us a contributed article every month. These will be signified with the words "sponsored message". It will be published under a heading that says (for example) "What _________ want's you to know about their ships" or "A Message from the President of _________" and it will have a permanent link on every review page for your cruise line written by CruiseMates.

    On all cruise review pages written by CruiseMates there will a set of links to the web pages of your choices, such as �.

    1. E-mail subscription link: a link to the page in your web site where cruisers can sign up to receive your specials by email.

    2. Hot specials: a link to any pages for special offers you may have on your web site.

    3. News: a link to the area of your web site you devote to your company news and updates.

    See a Sample Page Here

    Since there are some elements of this program that will be the same for every participating cruise line, and elements that will not be, there is a bottom-line, basic fee, and then additional costs that will vary depending on exposure.

    There is a basic fee to each cruise line - please call for details. This includes the cruise line news, contributed articles, links to web pages, and email marketing.

    The fees that will vary are the banner ads. Obviously, when there are many more pages devoted to one cruise line (Carnival) than to another (Orient Lines), many more Carnival banners will be delivered. Therefore, the charge for banners is a pro rata price - call for details.

    If the monthly number of impressions is under 10,000 then there is no additional charge for these banners.

    You will receive an invoice for this package every month, due upon receipt.