Choosing an Itinerary

This is probably one of the easiest aspects of cruising as there is an itinerary to fit just about everyone's schedule in every region of the world.

Alaska You'll find a variety of 7, 11 and 12 night cruises from Vancouver, Anchorage, San Francisco and Seattle to ports along Alaska's Inside Passage and along the Gulf of Alaska. Highlights of this region are the Glaciers, Wildlife and Nature of Alaska and Western Canada. A variety of cruises and cruises with land tours are available.

Bahamas Typically 3 and 4 night voyages from South Florida to Nassau, Freeport and on some itineraries a private island or Key West. Highlights of this region are sun, fun, shopping, gambling and beaches.

Bermuda 7 night cruises from New York City, Boston and Philadelphia. Bermuda is best known for it's civilized and very British personality and charm, pretty pink beaches and historical sights.

Caribbean voyages from 4 nights and longer to Mexico and the Caribbean islands. The most popular are 7 night voyages from South Florida and San Juan. Highlights are sun, fun, beaches, shopping and history/culture.

Europe comprised of a variety of regions within Europe offer voyages of 7 nights and longer; the Baltic (Russian and Scandinavia), Northern Europe and the Fjords, Western Europe (The British Isles, Ireland, France and Holland), Canary Islands, Spain & Portugal, the Rivera's (Spain, France and Italy), the Greek Isles and Eastern Mediterranean. The highlights here are the historical and cultural aspects.

Panama Canal 10 to 14 night voyages. The highlight is course the Panama Canal itself along with the history, culture and eco-tourism of Central America.

South America 12 to 17 night voyages to the great cites of South America, Cape Horn and the Chilean Fjords. The highlights of this region are the Chilean Fjords, rain forests, wildlife, the Andes Mountains and the wide and varied history and cultures of this fascinating region.

Austral-Asia and the South Pacific This area comprises the regions of China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia/New Zealand, India, Tahiti and the South Pacific. These are typically longer voyages of 10 nights or more with an emphasis on experiencing the culture, history, mystique, intrigue and natural beauty of the region.

Africa typically longer voyages of 14 nights or more. Liner Voyages to and from the UK and cruises along the east and west coasts that are usually combined with land tours or Safaris.

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