Pre- and Post-cruise Stays

Along with Air Deviations, this relatively inexpensive option can prevent a lot of tension, stress and aggravation and allow you to start your cruise and/or return home relaxed and refreshed.

How many times have you risen before dawn to catch an early flight to start your vacaction. By the time you reach your resort or cruise, you're exhausted and the first day is wasted. Conversely, how many times have you risen at the crack of dawn to aget to breakfast at 6 am so you can disembark the ship at 8 am and endure what seems like an eternity to get home only to do so thoroughly exhausted. And this is a vacation??

I strongly recommend booking a pre or post cruise hotel stay at or near your port of embarkation. You can do this on your own or through the cruise line; but much the same as air prices, you may do better booking the hotel on your own.

When do I recommend pre and post cruise stays? Always! Even if I;m just jumping on a 2 � hour flight to Florida to join a cruise, I always try and arrive the day or evening prior. This allows you to relax, have a nice dinner and get a good night's sleep. Then you can rise the next day, relaxed and refreshed and make your way to the cruise ship at your leisure. And if possible, and it never seems so, I try to arrange a post cruise stay of one night. That way I can get off the ship, and relax at a hotel instead of fighting my way to the airport and enduring a flight so soon after disembarking. A day at leisure, nice diner and a good nights rest and you can catch a late morning or mid day flight home to arrive back relaxed and refreshed. Imagine that!!

When are Pre/Post stays an absolute necessity? In my opinion, any time you have to take an overnight flight or a long haul flight to regions such as Europe, South America, the South Pacific/Orient you need at least a day or two to recover. Without doing so, the first day or two of your cruise will be an absolute waste. I also strongly recommend them any time of the year you may have to fly with adverse weather conditions. This can make the difference between boarding your ship and missing it.

And this doesn't mean you must spend a fortune on your pre or post cruise stay. Taking that extra day or two of your vacation time and as little as $100 per night for a hotel can and will add so much to your enjoyment you wont be able

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