Cruise Secrets Revealed

| 03.21.12

What every cruiser needs to know to get the best out of their cruise choices.

Every cruiser wants to select the best ship for their own personal tastes.

Secrets of Cruising

What insights are craved by every cruise traveler? How to select the best ship for their personal tastes and get the most for their cruise dollars is a good start.

There are many, many things that non-experienced cruisers need to know just to get started in that path, but there are also many facts and bits of perspective that frankly never even occurred to many experienced cruisers that can affect far more things than they ever imagined.

I am talking about the "wow, I never would have thought of that" kind of details. This can include everything from understanding what a butler does, to the comparative prices beween hiring a taxi or buying individual transfers from the airport to the ship. Just to show you how it works - it depends on how many people you have traveling. Coming in to Miami for example, if you arrive with two people it is cheaper and faster to take a taxi (about $35 plus tip and tolls). However, if you are traveling singly, it is obviousy better to take the shuttle- or best yet tp split a cab with a couple heading to the same ship to which you are headed.

So we have Ten Chapters on Cruise Secrets just written by CruiseMates with something for everyone. Without a doubt, the least experienced cruisers will tend to benefit from these articles the most, but that does not mean there are not several items for experienced users to reaad and use as well. In some cases it may be something you never knew, had never really thought about, or had just plain had forgotten.

Here are the chapters in order:

1. Selecting a Cruise Port This first article helps you select the best port of departure for your needs. You can sail from Galveston, Texas, and visit the same ports as many Miami cruises! For West Coasters, this means faster and cheaper air - so no need for a pre-cruise hotel stay.

2. Related "Getting There" Costs Sometimes getting to the ship is the biggest challenge - especially if you have kids. It may be more convenient to drive than you think and we help you figure that out. Other ways to save as well.

3. Picking Your First Cruise Ship A guide to help first-time cruisers differentiate and select their first cruise line and ship. More experienced cruisers already know the various ship styles - but there are even some tips here for experienced cruisers.

4. Timing Your Cruise Purchase to Save Money How to save money on your cruises by timing your cruise purchase. This article shows the methods cruise lines use to set their prices; simple supply and demand. Now you can save significant amounts of money by choosing the cruises they need to sell - not the ones in short supply.

5. Discounts and Other Credits Tips for getting onboard credit and other perks on your cruise. How to maximize your cruise dollars, manage your cruise booking and protect your investment.

6. Cruise Ship Stateroom Selection How to get the best deals and the smoothest ride - location, size, amenities and number of beds. There is more to stateroom selection than whether it is inside, outside or a balcony.

7. Saving Money During the Cruise The experienced cruisers at CruiseMates to tell us the many ways they have to save money onboard the ship. Is the spa worthwhile? What about the cost of drinks? Are you required to pay gratuities?

8. Shore Excursions and Tours How to save time and money on shore tours in port during your cruise. Ship tours may not be the best value, but they offer the highest level of security that you won't miss the ship. How important is that?

9. Seasickness and Health at Sea How to avoid seasickness and the fabled "cruise ship virus" aboard cruise ships. How bad are cruise ships, really, when it comes to the potential for picking up a virus, and how can you avoid it if you end up on a "sick ship?"

10. Why Use a Cruise Travel Agent Why a travel agent can be your best, cost-free asset in booking a cruise. Yet, the reasons why some people choose to manage their own bookings and how they do it.

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