New Year's Resolutions for Foodie Cruisers

| 12.30.11

A special 2012 top-ten list for cruise lovers and food lovers.

Most of us make resolutions for the New Year. I usually make the same ones each December 31: Get fitter, eat healthier, have more patience. Sound familiar?

Of course, foodies - and in particular, foodie cruisers - have resolutions that are meaningful solely to us. As one foodie cruiser to another, I'm willing to share my list for 2012. Happy New Year to food-lovers, everywhere!!

1. I will only go to the buffet once. Once to each station, that is. 2. I will stop thinking I'm virtuous by not ordering dessert – especially after I polish off all the petits fours. 3. I will only order cappuccinos made with nonfat milk. And stop asking for extra chocolate on top. 4. I will not deem alcohol-inclusive cruises as all-you-can-drink fests. 5. I will stop eating the chocolate turndowns on my pillow like I never ate a two-hour dinner. (I will hide them in a drawer and take them home for snacks.) 6. I will order the spa menu every other night. Okay, once per cruise. 7. I will get on the scale before we set sail and weigh myself daily at the onboard gym. 8. I will not throw myself overboard after I step on the shipboard scale on Day 7. 9. I will paste these resolutions to the cabin mirror. 10. I will not toss these resolutions in the trash after my first five-course dinner.

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