Barbie Goes Cruising!

| 09.07.12

Royal Caribbean just announced a major collaboration with Mattel to offer the "All New Barbie Premium Experience" aboard its ships.

Barbie was first introduced in March 1959 Royal Caribbean is rolling out a "Premium Barbie Cruise Experience for young girls who love all things Barbie.

The new offering will become available fleetwide between January and March of 2013. Bookings for the experience will begin as soon as October through travel agents or the Royal Caribbean web site. The cost is $349 per person, but boy what you get for that money!

Barbie fans young and old will jump for joy when they enter their wildly pink-decorated staterooms containing the souvenir Barbie blanket, tote bag, tiaras and teacups, toothbrush and toiletries, pillowcases and specially designed (by Mattel) nautical outfits for your very own Barbie. I certainly hope you remembered to pack her.

You will then squeal with delight as you read about all of the Barbie related activities you will enjoy during your cruise; the Barbie design workshop where you create your own outfits for your Barbie and show them off on the "pink carpet" in the Barbie Fashion Show.

The program is mostly targeted to little girls, with possible plans for something similar for boys in the future. Your little Barbies will join in the "Tiaras and Teacups Party" - an invitation only affair with a "whimsical" palate of pink pastries and pink lemonade. It's enough to make Mary Kay mad with envy! Then they will join in a Barbie "Mermaid Dance Class" to learn the "latest dance moves" from the hit movie Barbie in Mermaid Tale 2.

The "Win a Barbie Cruise Vacation" Sweepstakes has already started at an interactive website by Royal Caribbean. Barbie Cruise Sweepstakes

Vicki Freed Barbie-manic and Collector

Masterminding this Barbie cruise mutiny of Royal Caribbean ships is SVP of Sales and Marketing for Royal Caribbean, Vickie Freed, who personally admits to owning over 200 Barbie dolls, with a stake in collecting both the Christmas and the Barbie Travel (of course) editions that come out every year.

Barbie was created by Ruth Handler in 1959 and she modeled and named the doll after a German adult toy doll called Bild Lilli. The Barbie Cruise Vacation doll was already developed and sold by Mattel and is the same doll that will be sold aboard Royal Caribbean ships.

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