Family Fun on New Ships: 2009 (Part 2)

| July 20, 2009

The next generation of vessels has plenty of new options for kids and teens.

COSTA CRUISES -- Costa Luminosa & Costa Pacifica Costa Luminosa and Costa Pacifica had a unique joint inaugural event this spring. While Costa Pacifica is a sister ship to the Costa Serena and Costa Concordia, Costa Luminosa is a new class of ship for Costa, weighing in at 92,700 tons and carrying 2,260 passengers.

The most unique, teen-friendly aspect of Pacifica is a recording studio in the Stardust Theatre. Guests can record their own CD in a state-of-the-art studio with the assistance of a sound engineer.

The very family-friendly Costa Luminosa has a number of outdoor facilities that families will enjoy, including a roller skating track (guests can rent strap-on skates), three swimming pools (one with retractable dome) and a multi-purpose court for tennis, volleyball and soccer.

Other facilities families will enjoy using together include a Grand Prix race car driving simulator, large movie screen by the pool deck, and 18-hole golf simulator with 37 virtual courses to choose from. There is also a 4D multi-sensory cinema with seats that roll with the action on the screen.

Both the Luminosa and Pacifica are outfitted with PlayStation World, a public area dedicated to PlayStation3 gaming equipment. PlayStations are also available in the cabins via PlayStation on Demand, on the big screens overlooking the lido decks at night, and in the children's and teens' clubs. The youth and teen clubs feature interactive entertainment such as social games like "Buzz!" TM and SingStar R, the competitive music video game.

Both ships have a Squok Club (the name for Costa's fleet-wide youth program) and Squok Children's Pool as well as Teen Zone. The Teen Zone has electronics such as video games, karaoke, and sound systems.

MSC CRUISES -- MSC Splendida MSC Cruises' MSC Splendida, launched in July 2009, is sister ship to MSC Fantasia, the largest ships in MSC's fleet. Splendida weighs in at 133,500 tons and carries 3,300 passengers.

The Splendida features an Aqua park at the main pool area with 150 water jets where children can splash about by day and can view lit up at night to the rhythm of the music. This area also is home to a two-deck water slide.

The Sports Bar has an electronic two-lane bowling simulator that combines video screens with reduced-scale bowling lanes. The system uses smaller balls than conventional bowling lanes and no special shoes are needed. Players can choose from traditional 10-pin and turkey shoot games. (These two bowling lanes are similar to those found at Dave & Buster's.)

Other public facilities that families enjoy include a Formula 1 race car simulator and mini-golf course.

In addition, there are three areas for youth programs: Mini Club, Junior Club and Teenager Club.

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