Seasonal Cruises for Families -- 2009 (Part 4)

| March 6, 2009

Here's how a summer adventure sailing can bring your family closer together.

Regent Seven Seas Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers a complimentary youth program called Club Mariner on select sailings of all ships during spring break, summers and the holidays. For 2009, Club Mariner is offered on the following dates:

  • Seven Seas Voyager: July 24-August 14; December 18-January 11
  • Seven Seas Navigator: July 24-August 14; December 18-January 8
  • Seven Seas Mariner: June 17-August 5; December 20-January 5

Voyager will be in the Baltic (summer) and Caribbean (winter) during family departures, while Navigator will sail the Mediterranean (summer) and Caribbean (winter). The Mariner offers family departures in Alaska and the Panama Canal.

Club Mariner, for children five to 17, is overseen by youth counselors. Activities focus on the region's heritage and natural environment through crafts and games like whale watching in Alaska, drawing aquatic animals, and playing with Russian nesting dolls in the Baltic. Club Mariner also offers kids-only tours of the ship and kid-friendly menus. In Club Mariner, kids participating in youth activities earn tokens that can be redeemed at the end of the cruise for RSSC brand key rings, caps, etc.

In addition, RSSC will again offer a family educational program in Alaska and Tahiti called "Ambassadors of the Environment." Held in conjunction with Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society, the program aims to give young cruisers age nine to 17 direct interactive experience with marine and terrestrial eco-systems. The ultimate goal is for participants to become "ambassadors" and teach others about the need to preserve our oceans and environment.

Through slide shows, hikes, discussions, and special shore excursions, Ambassadors of the Environment introduces families to the wonders of the region's environment, biodiversity, and human impact. There is an additional $199 fee per child for the program; participants must register for it prior to embarkation.

Ambassadors of the Environment is offered on the follow ships:

  • Seven Seas Mariner: June 10-August 26 (Alaska)
  • Paul Gaugin: June 6-August 29; December 19-January 7, 2010 (Tahiti)

All RSSC ships have a number of staterooms that can accommodate three in one room.

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