4-day Cruises

November 24, 2008

4-day cruises offer several unique benefits. Here we offer the four advantages of 4-day cruises!

Most 4-day cruises cost about the same price as a 3-day cruise. Why? Because typical 4-day cruises begin on Monday and last through Thursday night, which means they require people to take a week off of work.

Few people, unless they are retired, choose to take 4-day cruises that end on Friday morning because they could take a 7-day cruise and still take the same amount of time off of work. But if someone happens to have a spare week of vacation time, and a busy upcoming weekend schedule, then 4-day cruises offer some of the best bargains, and advantages, of all cruises.

Let's look at the advantages of 4-day cruises.

4-day Cruises -- Advantage Number One The first "4-day Cruises Advantage" is that you can find 4-day cruises for the same price as 3-day cruises. A 3-day cruise from Miami to Royal Caribbean's private island and Nassau on Majesty of the Seas costs $159 per person. Or you can get one of the 4-day cruises on the same ship sailing from Miami to the Private Island, Nassau and Key West for the same price, $159 pp.

Why would these 4-day cruises cost the same as a 3-day cruise? The answer is "demand." Obviously, more people can take a 3-day weekend cruise on a whim whenever they want, but 4-day cruises are still more than worthwhile -- and here is another reason.

4-day Cruises -- Advantage Number Two Not only are 4-day cruises priced just about the same as a 3-day cruise, you can travel further and see more ports on 4-day cruises. Instead of just seeing Nassau, for example, you can also see Key West.

Some 4-day cruises sailing from Miami even go beyond Key West all the way to Cozumel! That is just one port short of a 7-day cruise, but on Carnival Imagination, at a mere $179 per person, for example, that's a lot of cruising for the money!

4-day Cruises -- Advantage Number Three Here is yet another advantage of 4-day cruises -- concerning luxury ships. Maybe you have never been on Seabourn, Crystal, or even Holland America or Celebrity.

You can try Celebrity Century on 4-day cruises out of Miami for as little as $349 per person. Considering you go all the way to Key West and Cozumel, this is almost the same itinerary as the 7-day cruise on the same ship at less than half the price. Many luxury cruise lines that usually sail much longer cruises and often cost as much as $700/day often offer "a taste of luxury" 4-day cruises as a way to get people to try out their ships.

4-day Cruises -- Advantage Number Four When it comes to getting a taste of a ship otherwise only available on a much longer cruise, the 4-day cruises offered on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas out of Fort Lauderdale sell for as little as $249 per person. This is for one of the cruise industry's most popular classes of ship -- the Voyager series! These ships have indoor promenades, ice skating rinks, Johnny Rockets, rock climbing, inline skating, goofy golf, basketball and more. These mega-ships were formerly only offered on cruises of 7-days or more. These 4-day cruises offer a taste of the most exciting ships in the world at a price that is cheaper than staying home.

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