Cruises to Alaska, Bermuda and Europe 2

| Tuesday, 05 Mar. 2013

We found these top bargains to the summer destinations of Alaska, Bermuda and Europe for 2009.

Bermuda It might not be the most diverse cruise destination, but Bermuda is a charming island with British culture and great shopping and golf courses. Another advantage is that cruises to Bermuda depart from several East Coast cities, from Fort Lauderdale to Boston.

The island has just two ports, Hamilton and King's Wharf, and they are fairly close together. Most seven-day Bermuda cruises spend two days getting there, three days in port, and one day getting home. You can find cruises as short as five days.

You don't need a balcony cabin with a Bermuda cruise. There is nothing to see but the Atlantic Ocean horizon until you get there. You might enjoy having a balcony door for fresh air while you are docked, but if you forego the balcony you can find real bargains on inside cabins.

Since the ship is the main attraction on a Bermuda cruise, we recommend one with the most going on -- Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas. This is a mega-ship of the Voyager class, carrying 3,114 passengers with 138,000 tons of displacement. Onboard activities and attractions include an ice rink with Ice Capades-style professional skating shows as well as passenger ice skating. The ship also has in-line skating, miniature golf, virtual golf, rock wall climbing, basketball, a jogging track and more.

The ship has extensive kids' facilities for all ages. For entertainment, the Royal Promenade is lined with pubs, coffee bars, a free 24-hour pizzeria and a Ben & Jerry's. The ship offers a large casino, a large theater for Vegas-style shows, and plenty of pool space.

The five-night cruise leaves from Bayonne, New Jersey, and spends two days in King's Wharf. Prices start at $599 per person from September through November, although the season actually starts on May 9 with slightly higher prices.

You can pick up Bermuda cruises from these port cities as well:

  • Baltimore on Norwegian Majesty, 5-night from $499;
  • Baltimore on Grandeur of the Seas, 5-night from $649;
  • Norfolk on Grandeur of the Seas, 5-night from $649;
  • New York on Carnival Miracle, 6-night from $849;
  • Charleston, SC on Norwegian Majesty, 6-night from $619;
  • New York on Norwegian Dawn, 7-night from $629;
  • Philadelphia on Norwegian Majesty, 7-night from $499;
  • Charleston, SC on Norwegian Majesty, 7-night from $729;
  • Baltimore on Norwegian Majesty, 7-night from $649;
  • Boston on Norwegian Spirit, 7-night from $699;
  • Baltimore on Grandeur of the Seas, 7-night from $899;
  • Fort Lauderdale on Regent Seven Seas Navigator, April 6, call for pricing.

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