Cabin Categories: Which are Most Popular and Why

Cruisemates readers have different reasons for selecting one type of stateroom over another, and it isn't always related solely to price.

One of the great advantages of being a member of Cruisemates is the ability to get specific advice about planning a cruise by asking a question on our Message Boards. Let's consider the question, "Why are some stateroom categories more popular than others?"

Cruisemates, which is visited regularly by thousands of cruisers, can be the perfect place to find answers from people who have "been there -- done that."

Those who contribute to our Message Boards are all "regular folks" from all walks of life and income levels, with one thing in common: a passion for cruising.

I admit I have only taken two cruises myself, and am planning for my third next summer, but I am an avid researcher and have a passion for CruiseMates, the website. I began in-depth reading about the various aspects of cruising four years ago and quickly gravitated to Cruisemates because it was here that I found the answers best suited to my specific questions, from people with hands-on experience.

Recently a Cruisemates forum user, Fireball, asked the question, "Is booking a suite worth the extra money?" An admittedly unscientific survey on stateroom preferences was conducted and here are the results. Of those responding, 54 percent chose balcony cabins, 22 percent preferred suites, 14 percent selected inside cabins as their favorite, 6 percent claimed outside cabins and 3 percent had either no preference or chose "other."

According to the poll and current ship design, it's abundently clear that balcony (also called verandah) cabins are the most popular. Newer ships often have as much as 80% of their staterooms in the veranda category, but readers have a variety of reasons for preferring that class. One female respondent said she prefers a balcony cabin because she enjoys sitting out and reading on her balcony. Reading and writing are the two main reasons I want to experience a balcony cabin.

Cruisemates Editor Paul Motter himself contributed to this thread and stated that while he usually becomes bored with sitting on the balcony, he prefers balcony cabins because he enjoys the extra light and fresh air a balcony cabin provides. He notes that a room service breakfast can be especially exilarating when enjoyed on the balcony, especially when the weather is just right. Sailing into the bay of Stockholm during breakfast through mile after mile of wooded archipelagos and feeding seagulls by hand is one of his favorite veranda memories.

Other readers prefer staterooms in categories even higher than balcony cabins, such as suites, finding they are worth the increased expense. One experienced cruiser professing a fondness for suites stated that while many folks claim they are never in their cabin long enough to justify the expense, he figured that most cruisers (himself included) were in their cabins probably far longer than they realized. So for him, the extra room and amenities included in a suite were worth the expense.

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