Capital Jazz Fest at Sea (Part 2)

| June 29, 2009

This jazz cruise boasts a solid lineup of well-known players from Dave Sanborn to Joe Sample.

Jonathan Butler Jonathon is a South African singer/guitarist who grew up to become the first black artist in that nation to be played on white radio stations. Moving to England he received a Grammy nomination for his very first album. Jonathon has a unique talent that transcends the ordinary, his vocals and playing take music to places rarely achieved by mere mortals.

Joe Sample There is a small fraternity of pianists from the 20th century jazz age who belong in a hall of fame for the music they created. Joe Sample is definitely one of them. Over the years he has played with Miles Davis, BB King, Eric Clapton and Steely Dan. On his own he has created 18 albums, but he is best known as the man who played on many of the best Miles Davis albums ever recorded.

Other artists on the cruise include War, Patti Austin, Rick Braun, Brian Culbertson, Candy Dulfur and Najee.

Here are some of the other highlights of the cruise:

  • Midnight Jam Sessions hosted by Mike Phillips.
  • Comedy Night featuring comedian A.J. Jamal.
  • SuperCruise Beach Bash & BBQ. On Day 3, the cruise will take over the private island of Coco Cay for an afternoon and evening of music, dancing, food, and beach activities.
  • SuperCruise Golf Classic -- Tournament & Clinic. This exciting event will take place in Nassau on Day 4 of the cruise. (Additional fee applies. Open only to SuperCruise passengers.)
  • Dancing. Enjoy free hand dancing, line dancing, salsa dancing, Chicago stepping, Zumba dancing, and belly dancing classes.
  • Theme Parties, including our popular Rock The Boat 70s party; Sadie Hawkins night; School Daze pool party; pajama night; and more. Prizes awarded for best costumes.
  • Finale Party. The special guest DJ for this year's closing night party will be DJ Spinderella (formerly of Salt N Pepa).
  • Football Party. Our annual Sunday football party at sea, to be held in the ship's Singin' in the Rain Lounge.
  • 3rd Annual Ping Pong Tournament, hosted by Brian Culbertson.
  • "For Women Only" Workshop, hosted by Patti Austin.
  • Open-Mic Competition. Our annual Capital Jazz Fest Challenge competition comes to sea! Amateur singers and musicians are invited to participate. Prizes awarded.

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