Carnival Breeze - FunShip Says It All

| 05.17.12

The new Carnival ship is made for real interactivity for kids of all ages - and not only in the virtual sense.

The SportsZone has a Rope Course, water slides, SplashZone, games, Mini-golf and more

Master cruise director and "Ambassador of Fun" at Carnival, John Heald, starts his introductory video to Carnival Breeze by saying... "It's absolutely the right name for her. Really incomparable, we've never done anything like this."

Okay - it seems like the "perfect" name for a description like that would be the "Carnival Prototype or Nonpareil," but the point is not lost on me that Carnival Breeze is a true departure from anything Carnival has done in decades - from interior décor to food and entertainment offerings.

To get a better idea of what's in store for the people going to Europe to sail on Breeze this summer I just viewed a number of videos and pictures online and I was struck by a recurring theme about the new ship: real life interactivity.

That's right. I mean people getting together physically for interactivity - not that over-used modern definition of "interactive" as in "social media."

No, the interactive ethos on Carnival Breeze appears to good, old-fashioned human interaction with nothing "virtual" about it. It's real-life fun; the kind you had back when your parents would say "go outside and play with your friends."

And I like what I am seeing - even though some takes a while to sink in. I see concepts that are simple yet substantial - proven formulas for family fun where young people of all ages get together with other real people that actually sounds pretty rare these days in a lot of ways.

I envision people actually using their eyes, ears, hands and feet for good, old-fashioned physical fun. No keyboard, mouse or watering the farm for your Facebook Friend.

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Interactivity in the Great Outdoors

For example - Breeze not only has a huge, open top deck with a beautiful tropical-style pool by a massive movie screen, but nearby it is something called the SportsZone, which is like nothing else I have seen on a cruise ship. This outdoor fun zone has pool tables, foosball tables, a two-deck miniature golf course, punching bags and the new Carnival fun feature "Rope Course," which Carnival innovated and can rightly claim as exclusive to their ships, (at least for now - Norwegian's new ships will their own versions). These are not new ideas, but building them for outside use - made to withstand the outdoors elements is a new concept.

In addition - there is the "WaterWorks" zone with five different water slides, including the four-deck tall Twister that winds and turns for 300 feet. Carnival claims it's the largest water slide at sea (assuming they are excluding other kinds of shipboard water rides such as 765 foot long AquaDuck inner-tube ride on Disney).

There are two 82-foot-long side-by-side racing slides, and the Green Thunder slide is for the bravest of souls with a nearly- sheer 100-ft. drop. I tried one of these at Atlantis last month and I have to say "once is enough."

The Drainpipe takes lets you pick up enough speed to swirl around a huge circular tub until you finally drop "down the drain" in a manner I am sure John Heald to liken to a massive "loo." But to guarantee it's all clean fun the massive PowerDrencher bucket is designed to slam you with 300-gallons of water.

For the younger kids there are shallow splash pools with multiple fountains and water sprays, while the young at heart are also allowed in the "SplashZone" replete with sprayers, buckets, pumps, hoses and soakers.

These are exactly the kinds of things that gave me oodles of fun as a kid. Between the water slides, the splash zone, the ropes course, the miniature golf and all the other games up there, I am almost starting to think the perfect name for the ship would have been "Carnival Second Childhood."

"Seadogs" for hot dog with all the fixing's - right there in the Sportszone.

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Indoor Fun, too

Inside the ship the focus is once again on family-style fun. New ideas for the main showroom include a series of games to be played by teams adapted from popular board games we also played as kids. But on Carnival Breeze they will be played on a stage in front of a live audience, just like watching game shows on TV - which I also did as a kid.

These new game shows were re-designed for Carnival by the Hasbro Company - and who doesn't remember that name? There is a version of Yahtzee made into a team sport, as well as other memorable names like Sorry, Sliders, Operation and Simon. All of them are based on the same box games we had as kids, but they have been upsized for team competition to be played in front of a live audience. Yes, there are prizes involved - it wouldn't be a game show without them.

Bottom line, I am betting kids will find all of these "actual" interactive games and activities irresistible, and it won't take long for the grownups to join in, either. After all is said and done it's "as simple as pie," and sometimes simple is just plain better.

Are you interested in Carnival Breeze - discuss the ship here.

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Pictures of Breeze Here:

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