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The Carnival Breeze sports a surprisingly subdued interior not based on a Joe Farcus design. Do you like the new look? Or is it "Just not Carnival?"


Outdoor seating for the Red Dog Pub

Carnival Breeze - First look

Carnival Breeze is a sister ship to Carnival Dream which arrived last January, 2011, but unlike other cruise lines, when Carnival introduces a sister ship it does not make it an identical copy of the original. Carnival Breeze has a completely different interior décor, featuring a much more subdued decor!

How is Carnival Breeze Different?

The answer is obvious. Carnival Cruise Line has been using the same interior designer, Joe Farcus, since the early 1990s. Joe is famous for his outlandish décor - where he was not afraid to try anything, and in fact, his design work is unforgettable - whether you love it or hate it.

But Carnival Breeze will be the first Carnival ship where Joe Farcus takes a back seat. The décor on Breeze is far more subdued than the average Carnival cruise ship. Many people will see this as a welcome change, while others will say Breeze merely looks like any other cruise ship - no longer obviously a Carnival ship. Either way, we applaud Carnival for choosing to try a more standard decor on Breeze. There are dozens of Farcus-designed ships on the high seas. Now it's time for Carnival to have a ship for everyone else in the cruise world.

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The Carnival Breeze Atrium

Blush Dining Room

Cherry On Top Candy Store

Cucina del Capitano Italian Restaurant

Carnival Pool

Serenity Area

The Lanai Lounge

The Marketplace Lido restaurant: Top Deck

Marketplace - lower level

Comment on the pictures here: Carnival Breeze Decor

Ocean Plaza

Ocean Plaza 2

Ovation Main Show Lounge

Piano Bar "Bar 88."

The main Pool

Redfrog Pub

Sapphire Dining Room

Carnival Breeze "Cloud 9" Spa

The Sportsquare play area

Comment on the pictures here: Carnival Breeze Decor

The Steakhouse

Thelassotherapy Pool

Liquid Nightclub

The Waterworks Pool area

Winner's Luck casino

Comment on the pictures here: Carnival Breeze Decor

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