Carnival Announces Carnival Vista

| July 20, 2013

The "Lanai" on Carnival Magic has the first
promenade deck public spage at sea

Carnival is building a new ship to be named carnival Vista. It will be in the size and style of Carnival Breeze, coming in at 135,000-tons and 4000 passenger berths, although with third and fourth passengers there will be room for plenty more guests onboard.

Word is out that the new ship will have much in common with Carnival Breeze, but will take the best of Breeze even further. Breeze was the first Carnival ship to take a notable departure from previous Carnival fleet members. It was the first not to have the famously eclectic interior design of Joe Farcus, renowned for the interior décor of every Carnival ship in service preceding Breeze.

As something of a "Stravinsky" of cruise ship design, Farcus designs were outlandishly ornate often with several overlapping design ideas converging in the same room - a polyphonic approach to interior design with unusually bright color combinations and elaborate lines punctuated with recurring thematic design elements that gave his ships a look far more detailed look overall than the most people can visually even process. This was the style of all Carnival ships beginning with the Fantasy class.

Farcus was in charge of designing every Carnival Cruise Line ship until Gerry Cahill replaced Bob Dickinson as CEO of the cruise line in 2007 - however because it takes several years for any ship to go from the design stage to completion the Farcus style continued to dominate Carnival ships for several more years. Carnival Breeze was the first ship that new CEO Gerry Cahill said he was allowed to design from the keel up, and Breeze did not appear until 2012. Now Carnival Vista will be the second.

Carnival designer Jim Berra said that the from now on the names of Carnival ships will reflect the style they portray, indicating that Carnival Vista that have more ocean views, especially from public rooms. This is in keeping with the style of the new Norwegian Cruise Line ships such as Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway which both feature extensive outside seating and serving areas on an outdoor promenade deck called "The Waterfront." In the case of those Norwegian ships that deck extends along the majority of deck number 8 and it opens up to several restaurants, a gelateria, a raw oyster bar and a few select night spots and lounges.

As Peter Knego, the historic ocean liner and cruise expert at Maritime Matters says, "So many new ships are providing everything they can to distract guests from the essence of being at sea, it's nice to see Carnival going back to what cruising was originally about. Now, to achieve that goal, let's hope they give this ship plenty of forward observation deck space and a wrap-around promenade."

It is noteworthy that just before Micky Arison, the son of the founder of Carnival Corporation, Ted Arison, resigned as CEO of Carnival Corp. just last June 25th he sent a message of congratulations to Kevin Sheehan, the CEO of Norwegian Cruise Lines for the conceptual connection to the sea provided by The Waterfront on Norwegian Breakaway.

Notably, however, Carnival was actually the first to use the idea of open space for public rooms on a lower promenade deck when they added "The Lanai" to "Ocean Plaza" with outdoor seating and hot tubs at the hull line on Carnival Dream which debuted in 2010. Arguably, Carnival had the idea first but Norwegian wisely took it several steps forward.

It should be no surprise if Carnival Vista has a far more elaborate wraparound promenade deck with seating and open access to several public rooms than any previous Carnival ship.

To be specific, the key difference is that open sea is at a much lower level than on most ships which do not fully open up to the sea until the topmost decks, usually around deck 12 or 14. However, in the last few years more ships have been putting balconies on staterooms as low as deck number five. So, it is not a stretch to see public rooms with outdoor spaces also on deck number five on bigger ships such as Carnival Magic, Dream and Breeze.

More details about Carnival Vista will be released soon. It has been reported that the ship will have many similarities to Carnival Breeze, in the style of the new Carnival entertainment and culinary concept known as "FunShip 2.0," but that Vista will have additional features not seen before on any Carnival ship.

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