Carrie Fisher Has a Rough Cruise

| 2.28.13

Carrie's canine companion pooping on stage upon Eurodam is enough to send the actress to the hospital

Carrie Fisher on stage on Eurodam

Carrie Fisher, the now 56 year old daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher best known for her role as Princess Leia in the first three "Star Wars" movies, is reportedly recovering from an incident that occurred on stage during a cruise organized by the RSVP travel company. The cruise was a full ship charter of the Holland America Eurodam for Gay/Lesbian and alternative lifestyles.

Apparently, Carrie was on stage in the main theater giving an informal interview on stage in a homey setting with a couch and a dog. Two men were asking her questions about her career, and she was singing songs and telling anecdotes. I am not sure how the dog ended up being there, as dogs are pretty rare on cruise ships unless they are service dogs. I suspect Ms Fisher somehow arranged to have her dog certified as such and brought it along.

Reports say that she was slurring her words (although the video does not really show that to be a severe problem) and that she acted "strangely" when the dog, who was obviously feeling just a bit too comfortable in the homey stage setting, decided to poop right on stage.

The dog has been described as a small lapdog, but it looks to stand almost two feet tall in the video. One of the men took some paper towels and scooped up the poop, but news reports say that Carrie then pickup up the wadded poop and paper and threw onto the couch where the men were sitting.

However, it does not look to me as if she threw it there. She was trying to get it off the stage and she tucked it into the cushions.

There is another video of Fisher, apparently the next day, up in the Crow's Nest area where she is again telling stories to an assembled crowd. She seems to be mostly fine although her speech is a little stuttering. You hear people saying "I'm glad she is doing better today."

But news reports say that as soon as she disembarked the ship she was checked into a hospital for symptoms related to her "bipolar disorder."

A video of the poop incident was posted on the celebrity gossip site TMZ. The video above shows the on-stage performance of Fisher, whether or not it is "the video" in question I don't know, but like this video, that video reportedly "depicts the seemingly disoriented actress singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "Skylark", intermittently appearing to slur her words and struggle to remember the lyrics."

"Fifty-six-year-old Fisher also appears to use paper as an improvised poop-scoop to clean up after a dog that accompanies her on stage, and then stuff the paper and its contents into a couch behind her," says the report.

In a statement on Tuesday, Fisher's spokesperson Carol Marshall attributed the strange episode to the actress' bipolar disorder.

"There was a medical incident related to Carrie Fisher's bipolar disorder," Marshall said. "She went to the hospital briefly to adjust her medication and is feeling much better now."

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