Celebrity Solstice: Innovative Style

| May 7, 2008

The line's new class of ships is the first in a wave of upcoming new-build ships with innovative design.

Blueprint - Sideview of Celebrity Solstice

All-Suite Deck

Like many new ships, the Solstice will have a deck devoted to suites, centered on a private pool area just for those suite passengers. On Solstice they are known as the AquaClass suites. There are other suites available and some are just as beautiful as the ones on Celebrity's current Millennium-class ships.

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Entrance to Aqua Spa   Ship Designer Martin Francis   Aqua Spa waiting area

The Solarium areas on these ships, reminiscent of a glass-enclosed Winter Garden, are beautiful in the renderings, with soaring glass enclosures that will keep passengers warm in Alaska and cool in the Caribbean - while still getting plenty of invigorating sunshine.

The Solarium

Typically, the pools in these Solaria have therapeutic water jets and hot tubs. They usually offer special healthy-living cuisine as well. We expect this one will follow suit.

Speaking of cuisine, Celebrity has ended its decades-long partnership with master chef Michel Roux, and now is taking culinary cues from Elizabeth Blau, who gained fame bringing gourmet cuisine to many hotels in Las Vegas. Blau is not so much a chef or culinary designer as she is a facilitator. Her claim to fame is matching other well-known chefs to new venues -- sort of a gourmands' agent.

Beyond the Solarium, Blu and the spa area, we do not know much about how the ship will look, except for the staterooms. Many renderings have been released, and Celebrity is boasting that with this generation of vessels, the staterooms have plenty of features designed by -- and sure to appeal to -- women.

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