Cruises for Dead People

| 04.03.12

You can now make arrangements for your final cruise well in advance at

There is now a web site where you can book the cruise that is guaranteed to be the last cruise you will ever take. How do we know? Because you will be dead. My Final Cruise specializes in spreading the cremated ashes of those who have "moved on" into the sea from cruise ships.

The site has a selection of biodegradable urns, as required by the environmental policies of the International Maritime Organization. Prices range from $149 to $324 apiece, depending on your preferred style.

After the ashes have been dropped overboard – which must be done outside of the 12-nautical mile limit – these special urns guarantee that the ashes will be dispersed in an environmentally friendly fashion, and that none of the ashes will wash up on the shore.

The spot where your ashes will be dropped will be recorded in the site's own database of funereal sites at sea, which are marked on the web site using Google Earth. The markers include the choice of having a public obituary or simply marking the spot but keeping the details private. So far, the site has only two marked locations, one between South Carolina and Bermuda and another just north of Saint Martin. In fact, neither marker represents a real burial at sea site yet; they are merely samples. But the company hopes to be seeing lots of dead people in their world map soon.

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In fact – this is a real and valuable service, many people want to spread the ashes of loved ones at sea, but it is not legal to dump anything from a cruise ship without the proper documentation -- most of all the remains of human beings -- even if they are legally cremated.

"My Final Cruise" assists families in making all of the necessary reporting procedures one needs in order to rest a love one's soul at sea. All you need to do is register with the web site and the company will take care of submitting the required permits to assure you are "above compliance." That compliance includes the 12-mile limit and using a specific urn which will spread the ashes slowly enough for them to mix in with the ocean water at a level that is virtually undetectable and not a danger to sea life.

The company also makes all of the necessary arrangements with the cruise lines so you do not have to worry about logistics. In fact, you can even make the arrangements for yourself and then have "My Final Cruise" notify your list of intended recipients send the message (by email) that you have passed on, and that you are now residing in the ocean.

Setting up the arrangements yourself includes receiving a form you can attach to your last will and testament describing where you want your urn dropped. The form can even help your estate plan for the costs of this funeral at sea with specific directives for the executor of the will on where to get the money and where to send the payment.

If you want, you can pre-pay for a cruise for a number of people to attend the ceremony, or make it simple and easy – just simple "bon voyage" with a web site address depicting your final address.

Part of the planning process for setting up "your final cruise" at the web site includes answering these questions:

Do you want an accompanied service with friends and family in attendance or would you prefer that your ashes be delivered and placed by the ship's senior officers?

When requesting an accompanied service, do you want your estate to cover the expenses?

Do you want to include:

· A meal following your service? · A specific prayer or a poem? · A function in a private bar or similar celebration? · Participating in a favorite activity you enjoy while onboard?

You can specify your final resting place at sea by indicating a cruise line and even a particular ship.

Identify a few options in case your favorite cruise itinerary has changed.

Sending your final wishes to your executor as part of your estate will ease the finalizing of arrangements left for your family and friends.

My Final Thoughts

This actually does provide a valuable service to people who wish to spread the ashes of their loved ones at sea. I have heard stories of people sneaking out late at night to do this on cruise ships, but I suppose a number of people do not realize this is actually illegal unless it is done within the proper guidelines.

Most reassuring, the company promises that none of your personal information will ever be sold, rented or shared with any third party. Of course, you will be dead – so I guess all they really have to say is, "My change of address is now the "dead letter box" – because I'm swimmin' with the fishes."

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