Other Attractions

Besides the video-based Imagineering described above, there are plenty of other fun ways for kids to blow off steam on Disney Dream.

Foremost is AquaDuck, the longest water slide yet on a cruise ship. High-powered water jets propel a two-person raft up, down and around 765 feet of round, clear acrylic tubing. The ride starts inside the forward smokestack, immediately shooting the riders 13 feet beyond the side of the ship with nothing but a 150-foot view of ocean below. Pushing 10,000 gallons of water per minute, the ride ends with a 335-foot set of "river rapids."

Goofy's Sports Deck has a nine-hole miniature golf course with "twists" to make the game more interesting. "Quirky" golf clubs are intentionally bent for an extra challenge. Also on deck are games of virtual soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, football, and even rugby. If you don't mind chasing the ball, there is a real basketball court as well as table tennis and foosball.

Nemo's Reef is a spot for little ones (age eight and under with parental supervision) to play with giant reproductions of the characters from Finding Nemo in a wading pool with pop jets and bubble-makers. For older kids, there is a separate water park with splashers, shooters and water jets.

Donald's Pool, intended for family fun, has a 30x18-foot outdoor movie screen showing Disney films as well as sports events. Mickey's Pool is just for kids and includes the same water slide shaped like Mickey's hand as those on the previous Disney ships.

Disney Dream can carry at least 1,500 children per cruise if you count the extra beds. There is almost an entire deck just for children's areas; we'll describe their features in a follow-up article next week, along with the ship's stage shows and dining options.

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Nemo's Reef slide for kids up to 8 years old   smokestack with AquaDuck running through it   Micky's slide in main pool area

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