4-day Cruises

November 24, 2008

4-day cruises offer several unique benefits. Here we offer the four advantages of 4-day cruises!

4-day Cruises -- The Exceptional Disney It is notable that all of the 4-day cruises mentioned above are generally cheaper than the 4-day cruises offered by Disney Cruises. This is because Disney does not currently offer 7-day cruises, so 4-day cruises are the longest you can get.

Probably the most popular, and hence expensive, 4-day cruises anywhere are the Disney cruises out of Port Canaveral. They come as part of a Disney World package deal. Typically, the 4-day cruises are followed by a transfer to the theme park for the balance of the week. Just like most 4-day cruises, you spend Monday through Thursday nights on the ship, and then you go to the theme parks on the weekend.

Going to the Magic Kingdom on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, when you could just as easily go on the less crowded Monday through Thursday does not sound like the ideal choice to us. In addition, because Disney is so popular they do NOT charge about the same rate for the 4-day cruises as they do for the 3-day option. Therefore, we consider Disney to be the exception to the 4-day cruises advantage rules.

Summing Up Four-Day Cruises The four advantages of 4-day cruises are:

  1. They are cheaper than most 3-day and even many 7-day cruises when figured by the per diem rate.
  2. You see more on 4-day cruises than on 3-day cruises costing the same price.
  3. You can get a "taste of luxury" on 4-day cruises you may not be able to afford on longer voyages.
  4. Navigator of the Seas, the most popular class of cruise ships in the world, is now offering 4-day cruises in 2008 for the first time for as low as $249 per person.

I can't imagine a better way to spend four days!

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