Statendam - World's Largest Cruise Night

| Oct. 17, 2008

On October 16th, Holland America became the first cruise line to host a World's Largest Cruise Night event onboard a ship.

This event was designed to complement all of the others being held by travel professionals across the world, in conjunction with the Cruise Line Industry Association to commemorate National Cruise Month. Most travel agencies host special events throughout the month of October designed to promote cruising, and it is mainly because of events such as these that cruising has become the fastest growing segment within the travel industry. On October 16th, however, they generally pull out all the stops, hosting gala events in their offices, often with much advance publicity and fanfare. Cruise line representatives are invited to come and make presentations and answer questions about cruising. These events are of particular value to folks contemplating their first cruise since these cruising open house events give them the opportunity to explore the offerings of a variety of cruise lines � all at one handy event.

Along with many informational presentations, guests at World's Largest Cruise Night events often receive special booking incentives -- from substantial discounts on their bookings to reduced deposits and special gifts. Depending upon the onboard accommodations selected, some of these gifts could include free internet, prepaid gratuities, onboard credit, free dinners at onboard specialty restaurants, and even special cocktail parties with ship officers.

World's Largest Cruise Night Events are also a great way to "shop" the various cruise lines � all in one convenient place -- and compare their offerings, including price. This best maximizes your chance of finding the perfect cruise, whether it be your first or your fiftieth. Just about every large travel agency will host several special cruise-related events during the month of October, and often all it takes is a simple phone call to find out when and where the most convenient one is being held.

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cake that was baked especially for Worlds Largest Cruise Night   members of the Statendam cast, in full costume

Here onboard the Statendam, our National Cruise Month event was a daytime one, held in the Ocean Bar as we sailed between Moorea in French Polynesia and Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas Islands. The event was hosted by Leah Shlyakhov, our onboard cruise consultant. Joining her was our cruise director, Mike Connachan, as well as several of the ship's officers. A special feature of the event was the attendance of the entire Statendam cast, decked out in full costume, and available for photo ops with passengers. I got photos with several and the pageantry of the elaborate costumes made for truly stunning photos.

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Members of the Statendam cast.   Trisha Carter with her favorite Statendam cast singers and dancers

A special cake, baked in honor of the occasion, was emblazoned with the event's logo. It was cut into small slices and offered to all guests. Live music by "Seabreeze" complemented the occasion as guests mingled with officers and peppered Leah with questions about various cruise itineraries on offer for the coming years.

A raffle was also held, with prizes being provided by various ship departments including the casino, the Explorations Café, The Culinary Arts Center, the gift boutiques and the Greenhouse Spa. A special cake cutting ceremony was held with representatives of large cruise organizations assisting, including those with groups onboard such as Cruise Specialists.

To add to the festivities, the Ocean Bar was decked out with nautical flags, and the atmosphere was a fun, casual one � as befits a relaxing day spent at sea.

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