Luxury Cruise Bargains (Part 3)

| December 12, 2008

The luxury cruise line incentive offerings during this economic downturn makes them competitive with mainstream cruise lines.

On the luxury ship, you can have a mimosa for breakfast every day. Every dinner may include two bottles of wine, espresso and a caviar and truffles appetizer, all at no extra charge. You get fantastic service, including a butler who will serve your entire dinner (from the dining room menu) on your veranda if you choose. Your room steward will do your laundry daily. All of this is included with the cost of the cruise. Splurge away!

How much more could you end up spending on premium ships for certain things you get for free on the "everything included" Silversea ship? The prices below are taken from Princess, Cunard, Celebrity and Holland America.

  • One extra bottle of wine = $100.
  • Champagne hor d' oeuvres = $40.
  • Balcony Dining -- one premium line charges $100 for this service while the others do not offer it.
  • Daily gratuities plus a 15% service charge on purchases -- up to $40 per person per day

Summing Up Bottom line, this current economic crisis means you have a chance to try honest-to-goodness luxury cruising at a competitive price. People who normally book a suite on premium cruise lines would probably save money and enjoy themselves a great deal more on a small luxury ship like those of Silversea.

Because these ships carry far fewer passengers, people get to know each other quickly. Conversation comes easily and making new friends of very high caliber is practically guaranteed. The service people on the luxury ships are better than those on even the best premium ships. Since there are fewer passengers, the Maitre D' is less busy, the sommelier is faster, your room steward is always closer and room service is magnitudes less busy.

When you book a luxury cruise you should always use a travel agent. Why? The question is why not? A travel agent will double-check all your travel details, making sure you have every document you need for your cruise, from Russian visas to airport transfers. And they get paid by the cruise lines, not by the customer.

And travel agents -- when you sell a cruise on a luxury cruise line with air, liquor and gratuities included, you get paid full commission on all the extras, not just the cruise portion. With a booking like that, you will certainly do your best to make sure your clients get the very best service.

It's a win-win situation.

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