Norwegian Epic Dining (Part 2)

| April 13, 2009

NCL's new megaship will offer more restaurants than any other vessel.

The Norwegian Epic Restaurants Meals at Taste and the Manhattan Club are included in the cruise fare, since they are the main dining rooms for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, you can enjoy the pub food at O'Sheehan's and the Lido-style restaurants Café Jardin and the Great Outdoors at no extra charge. Café Jardin is open for casual dining at night.

The Manhattan Club will resemble an "art deco supper club." This two-deck-high restaurant will have a live band and a dance floor. This is the largest "main" dining room, seating 600, and there is no surcharge. It is located aft, with commanding views over the stern through two-deck windows. Taste seats 540 and features contemporary cuisine. It is near the ground floor of the atrium and there is no charge to dine there.

click on pictures below for larger images:

Taste   The Manhattan Club

Café Jardin & The Great Outdoors offer Lido-style casual dining for breakfast and lunch. Rather than traditional buffet-style service, the room features separate action stations. The decor is influenced by the look of an "English country garden conservatory." Café Jardin is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while the Great Outdoors is closed for dinner. There's no extra charge.

O'Sheehan's, the Irish Pub, also does not have a surcharge for dining. It seats 289 people and is open 24 hours a day.

Epic Club and Courtyard Grill seat 127 guests. These restaurants are only available to those who book Courtyard Villa staterooms. There is no extra charge for these restaurants.

Specialty Restaurants (Various Surcharges Apply) Teppanyaki is an NCL favorite, where chefs prepare the food directly in front of guests at individual preparation stations surrounded by chairs. The restaurant can seat 115 and can accommodate as many as 24 chefs serving at the same time.

Shanghai's features only Chinese cuisine.

Wasabi features traditional Japanese food like sushi, sashimi and Japanese Yakitori dishes. It will also have a sake bar.

La Cucina will be a Tuscan-style Tratorria offering regional Italian specialties including pizza, pasta with steak, chicken, and fish dishes. The décor will resemble an Italian courtyard, including a large olive tree with hanging lanterns.

Le Bistro is an upscale European continental restaurant and an NCL favorite. Le Bistro was one of the first alternative dining spots ever placed on a cruise ship in the early 1990s. When NCL executive vice president Andy Stuart described the food as "French cuisine with an American flair," he added, "which will horrify the French, but that's okay."

Stay Tuned There is more to be announced about Epic -- including an additional restaurant and more details about the nightclubs. The next "reveal" of further details about Epic is scheduled for May.

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