Norwegian Epic: "Ships Within a Ship" (Part 2)

| April 7, 2009

The new megaship from NCL pioneers several innovative cabin concepts.

Studio Staterooms (Continued) These smaller studio cabins are priced the same as regular inside cabins, but are made for people who want to, or maybe need to, get out of the cabin more frequently. They will be perfect for cruisers who want to meet new people and socialize, or for people traveling in pairs where one person may occasionally need privacy, such as family members or single cruisers traveling together.

Spa Staterooms Epic will have 39 special Spa staterooms in close proximity to the ship's spa. Guests in these staterooms will receive 24-hour access to the ship's thermal suite, a matrix of saunas, steam rooms, whirlpool baths and heated ceramic beds. The ship's fitness center is also close by. The staterooms come in unique color combinations designed to be soothing. Some spa cabins are deluxe balcony staterooms and even suites.

These rooms will be popular with guests who want to feel especially pampered. (The thermal suite on the ships that offer one is a personal favorite of mine, and I regularly pay an extra $100 to $150 per person for the cruise to have daily access to it. Having a cabin where this is included in the price and knowing the facilities are very nearby would be a special treat for me.)

Family Staterooms The Epic's family staterooms comprise yet another "ship within a ship" concept. The cabins are designed like standard staterooms, but their location makes them special. They are on decks 13 and 14, all within close proximity to the expanded Kids Crew -- the special areas designed for keeping the young ones busy during the cruise.

There will be 225 family cabins, all with extra sofa beds or connecting with adjacent rooms. The advantage is that while your kids are participating in the supervised activity programs, you will be able to check on them, or check them in and out, easily and frequently during the day. The kids will love having their facilities so close to the staterooms -- especially older ones, as they will be able to slip out and join the fun or come "home" conveniently.

click on pictures below for larger images:

Epic Waterpark   Balcony Stateroom   Teen Lounge

These staterooms are also situated close to the ship's sports facilities, which include a 33-foot rock-climbing wall -- the only one at sea to include rapelling -- basketball and tennis courts, bungee trampolines and even a soccer field onboard.

Epic will also have a spectacular water park with three water slides. One is the first inner tube slide at sea featuring a large, circular area where the rider completes a 360-degree span three times before continuing down the chute. The rest of the water park has speed slides, fountains, and water spray apparatus.

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