Norwegian Breakaway Appears

| 2.26.13

The largest ship ever built in Germany is now afloat and ready for her final interior finishing touches before sea-trials.

The largest and the biggest ship ever to emerge from Meyer Werft, Papenburg

Norwegian Breakaway, the largest ship ever constructed in Germany, was floated out of the covered building dock, number II, of the MEYER WERFT shipyard in Papenburg, Germany this morning. The 146,600-ton ship has been under construction inside this building since September 2011. The building is known as the second largest covered structure in Europe (the largest is for building aircraft).

Inside the building are steel cutting lasers, dry docks which can be filled with water, cranes, etc. The ships are built in a dry dock which is then filled with water. When the ship is ready to appear the doors of the building are opened and the ship is pulled out into the River Ems by tugboats.

Beginning at approximately 7 am, February 26, (Germany time), the massive 4,000 passenger ship with her signature hull artwork designed by pop icon Peter Max, departed building dock II as the first ship to depart bow first. Most ships come out backwards and then perform a maneuver to turn around in the river. But as the largest ship ever built here, it was decided it would be better not to require her to turn around. The River Ems is fairly narrow, and ships must traverse the length of it to reach the North Sea before they can start service, and process known as "the conveyance" of the river.

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Norwegian Breakaway has an overall length of 324 meters, and is 39.70 meters wide. The ship's float out represents a major milestone in the vessel's construction as it denotes that the ship has now moved into the final phase of construction with delivery taking place in just 58 days.

"Norwegian Breakaway represents a significant achievement both for MEYER WERFT and Norwegian Cruise Line in terms of innovation and design," said Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian Cruise Line's Chief Executive Officer. "Celebrating her float out today brings us closer to her much-anticipated delivery on April 25 when she will make her debut in Europe before arriving in her homeport of New York City on May 7. We can't wait."

"This new vessel is a further milestone for us. Its construction complies with the latest safety standards, and the ship meets all valid environmental regulations. Beyond that Norwegian Breakaway includes a lot of unique design elements and technical innovations," said Bernard Meyer, Managing Partner of MEYER WERFT.

Following the float out, tests were carried out in the harbor and the ship was berthed alongside the yard's outfitting pier. On March 4, the first crew members will move into their staterooms on board, and begin to familiarize themselves with the ship, readying her for guests. Norwegian Breakaway's conveyance down the river Ems towards the North Sea, where she will prove her seaworthiness, is scheduled for March 10 (weather permitting).

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