Silversea Brings Back Best-fare Guarantees

| 11.01.12

The new "Silver Privilege" program offers guests a guaranteed, simple to understand, low-fare price structure with best price guarantees if the fare goes even lower.

Silver Wind is one of the classic luxury cruise vessels from Silversea

The new "Silver Privilege" program from luxury cruise line Silversea starts today (November 1, 2012) for all fares with price guarantees to cruises sailing on or after June 1, 2013.

These days, many luxury cruise lines obfuscate the true price of their cruises by including pre and post-cruise hotel stays, discounts on airfare, and many other possible incentives to get people to book their cruises. While these pricing plans have been proven successful, they also make it much harder to compare offering from competing cruise lines that do not include the same things. Of course, just because something is "included" in the fare it does not mean you do not pay something for it, but in order to compare price one must also find prices for air and hotel for the competing cruise lines.

Silversea's new Silver Privilege fares are structured to make the cruise buying decision easier by offering guests one simple low fare for their desired suite. These new cruise-only fares will reward guests who book early with the best possible fare and the privilege of being able to select their desired suite when the best inventory is available. These new fares are easy to understand, so consumers know exactly what they are paying for. In addition, guests will still be able to customize their entire vacation with Silversea's optional air, transfer, hotel and land programs. With Silver Privilege fares, guests pay only for the vacation components they desire.

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Best of all, the line is also introducing a new Fare Guarantee Program for all voyages departing on or after June 1, 2013, effective for new Silver Privilege bookings made on or after November 1, 2012.

With the new Fare Guarantee Program, Silversea guests are assured that when they plan ahead and book early, they not only get to pick their desired suite, but they also benefit from any possible future reductions in the fares for their voyage.

This style of "best fare guarantee" used to be very common in the cruise industry, and was introduced as an incentive to get people to book cruises farther out from sailing date rather than waiting for price reductions as the sail date got closer. But just as these programs were getting most popular almost all of the major cruise lines ended them, presumably to save money during when it became quite common to reduce prices at the last minute to sell out cruises in the slow economy.

The Silver Privilege guarantee says that if Silversea reduces the fares on the voyage after a booking has been made, the guest may request an adjustment from Silversea equal to the fare reduction. Of course, this is based on specific fare categories. The adjustment will be in the form of a shipboard credit, suite upgrade, future cruise credit, fare reduction or other method.

"By offering one simple price with our new Silver Privilege fares, we're making it easier for consumers to cut through the clutter that's in the marketplace and understand the actual price of the components of their vacation," said Ellen Bettridge, Silversea's president of the Americas. "Additionally, when these new fares are enhanced by our Fare Guarantee Program, our guests can plan their vacations far in advance, taking advantage of the best suite availability, and also enjoy the peace of mind in knowing they will be protected should those fares be reduced."

Click here for complete details on Silver Privilege fares and the Fare Guarantee Program.

Are you in favor of "best price guarantees" from cruise lines? Tell us here: "Cruise Forums."

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