Windjammer Cruising (Part 2)

| Tuesday, 05 Mar. 2013

Since the demise of Windjammer Barefoot Cruises a gap for sailing adventure is slowly being filled by other companies.

Sail Oasis Charters Next we have yet another former Barefoot Cruises captain who has a chartered sailboat ready for guests. His name is Captain Julian Legg and he has teamed up with reportedly one of the best Barefoot Cruises' chefs ever, Mister Strokey, to offer Caribbean adventures on a small yacht, the Oasis.

Also sailing in the Grenadines, the Oasis only carries up to eight guests serviced by three crewmembers. She has a ton of "toys" onboard including snorkel equipment, skiffs, water skis, fishing gear, movies, games and disco dancing nightly on deck.

The ship appears especially commodious with large staterooms that all together can sleep up to eight in these configurations:

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Cabin 1: One double bunk and one single bunk Cabin 2: One double bunk Cabin 3: One double bunk and one single bunk

One can always sleep under the stars. You can charter this entire yacht, fully, and bring eight people for $1250 per day and the entire vessel is yours to do as you please. There is a full navigation system as well as modern fire fighting equipment on board. There are showers and electricity, of course.

Your charter fee will give you three meals per day plus snacks at 'happy hour,' complimentary Rum Punch at 'happy hour' and complimentary house wine with dinner. If you require additional soft drinks/alcohol/liquors/beers/mixers, etc. then you can either purchase it on arrival, or send along a list of requirements in advance, and it will be purchased for you and billed to you at their cost price.

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