Battlestar Galactica Fan's Convention at Sea

| September 29, 2008

Holding a fan's convention at sea offers fans and celebrities a chance to relax and enjoy each other's company.

The Fan-cruise Advantages

The thing which I think most distinguishes doing an event of this type at sea as opposed to on land is that all of the celebrities are so accessible to fans throughout the cruise. As you see them around the ship, taking advantage of the same amenities the guests are enjoying, one always feels welcome to strike up a conversation. On land, celebrities generally participate in their hosted events and then disappear with their entourages into the rarified air of the concierge floor of the hotel. Not so with GalactiCruise.

The fans were also a joy to be around, adding as much to the experience for me as the celebrities. While I am a fan of the original series, I never got into it as deeply as some of the folks on this cruise. Many had Colonial Warrior or Bridge Officer uniforms that they wore to certain events, as well as various props from the original show. In fact, it was the fans more than the celebrities that took to wearing this stuff, I guess to show their devotion to the original story lines.

These fans came from all walks of life; all ages and geographic locations. Because the original series debuted some 30 years ago, there were older people (such as myself) as well as newer fans of the "re-imagined" versions of the show, including the current one. I met computer professionals, as well as married couples who routinely make the rounds to attend "sci fi" fan conventions all over the country. There were others for whom this was their first fan's convention, and altogether we made for an interesting group that piqued the interest of our fellow cruisers who were not a part of our little band of "believers."

Dinnertime was a great time for mingling. The entire entourage was assigned to the late seating in the elegant Elation Dining room. Each evening some of the celebrities would rotate tables, as well as the convention principals and organizers. Every table had someone of note to chat with most evenings. We had Richard Hatch's personal assistant at our table most evenings, along with Carnival's resident psychic, Sunny. Richard Hatch himself joined our table one evening as well. He regaled us with stories about his life today, - his writing, speaking and work on the re-imagined version of the show where he plays an entirely different type of character.

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Screening Event   Stu Phillips

On one evening of the cruise, we enjoyed a special screening of the original series pilot (a two-plus hour tele-movie) in the ship's movie theater. The date we did this was exactly 30 years after the original Battlestar Movie premiered in the United States. Several of the principals in the original show were on hand to offer their comments before the screening commenced. It was a unique event and something that, while it could have been pulled off in a hotel on land, was made extra special just by the fact that it was being done on a cruise ship where everyone was relaxed and could really enjoy the festivities. Since the showing was held later in the evening, around 10:00 p.m., it also helped that people knew they wouldn't have to travel home late at night, since their cabins were mere footsteps away from the theater.

We knew the screening would be extra special when Sarah Rush kicked it off with her trademark line from the show, "Launch all vipers!" Immediately after, the trademark theme of the show, by the awesome-sounding Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, thundered through the room's sound system.

We also enjoyed a two-hour cocktail party with the celebrities during this sailing, with complimentary spirits provided by the good folks of Carnival. It gave fans an opportunity to strike up conversations with their favorite celebrities and get to know them better. The fact that the liquor was flowing freely certainly helped to break the ice!

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