Celebrity Reflection Emerges

| 08.14.12

The new Celebrity Reflection is floated out in Papenburg, Germany at the Meyer Werft Shipyard.

The fresh, new Celebrity Reflection is the last and most comprehensive design of the Solstice-class ships

The last of the Celebrity Solstice-class ships, Celebrity Reflection, is reaching the final days before she is ready to enter service. The ship was just "floated out" at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, on Monday, August 13. This means the ship is now floating in water - the dry-dock where she was under construction having been filled with water and the ship floated inside for the first time since the first steel was put together.

At the Meyer Werft Shipyard the floating out ceremony is particularly unique because it also means the ship is revealed to the world for the first time, the ships come out from under the steel roof of one of the largest free-standing buildings in all of Europe - large enough to hold several ships under various stages of construction. It is one of the few shipyards where the dry dock construction takes place inside rather than outdoors, most likely because the shipyard is in northern Germany where the weather can be extreme.

The next step in the life of Reflection will be the "conveyance" - the process of moving the ship down the particularly narrow Ems River towards the Atlantic coast of Germany. The conveyance of Reflection is scheduled to take place in about one month - between September 16 and 18. The company also announced that the first crewmembers will be taking residence upon the ship within the next few weeks, even though the ship is not scheduled to enter service until mid-October. The ship will be coming to America to service the Caribbean market starting in early December, 2012.

Now that Reflection is in open view we are getting our first look at the pinnacle of the Solstice-class ships. The shipyard can now attach the funnels and signal mast - the structure made to hold the satellite communication systems on board. Those will be installed with the help of a special crane - and further exterior and interior work will be completed.

Celebrity Reflection will be the largest Solstice-class vessel yet - with an additional deck and 144 extra passenger berths. The total number of permanent passenger berths will be 3030, but there will be room for many extra passengers in existing staterooms. The ship will boast three new classes of suites not offered on other Solstice-class ships - including the massive 1950-square foot "Reflection Suite" with the cantilevered shower to be placed on the corner of one forward deck.

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