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| October 4, 2008

No matter how you spell it, a cruisetour is a shipboard voyage combined with a land-based tour.

A cruisetour is a pre or post-cruise visit to a land location for w few days. You do sightseeing by bus or railroad and stay in hotels. This shoulkd not confused with shore excursions, which are the tours you take in port as you stop in different locations during your cruise.

Different people look at vacations different ways. Some people want escape and relaxation, while others envision new and exciting places. Travel-minded vacationers might be surprised to hear that many avid cruisers care more about the actual vessel than the destinations it visits.

But this doesn't mean cruises are not also an excellent way to travel and see the world. Personally, even after 100 cruises, when I plan my next cruise I still think about the destinations more than the ship. I select my destinations first, and then I look to see what ships are going to the places I want to see.

Some people will say that a cruise is somewhat limiting to how deeply you can explore many destinations because you rarely get to spend more than one day in any one port. Naturally, the more time you have the more you will see. But cruises also give you the advantage of getting to see a variety of places in a short period of time, and most conveniently because you travel at night (while you are asleep) and you only have to unpack once.

But, there is a way to have the best of both worlds, and that is the "cruisetour." Different cruise lines may spell it different ways, but a cruisetour is a cruise combined with a land tour, usually traveling by bus or train during the day and sleeping in hotels each night.

This gives you the opportunity to see many places that are accessible by sea, and also the jewels of the area you are visiting that a cruise ship or day tour just cannot reach.

First Example: Alaska Cruisetours

Royal Caribbean describes a cruisetour as "the best of both worlds. It combines a fabulous Alaska, Europe, Australia /New Zealand, Asia and South America cruise with an exciting land tour into the heart of the interior of your destination."

On a typical 10-day Royal Caribbean cruisetours in Alaska you sail from Vancouver up to Seward, Alaska. During the 7-night cruise you visit Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Hubbard Glacier. Along the way you should see all kinds of Alaskan Wildlife including whales, sea lions, puffins, bears, orca and all-American bald eagles. You will also get a chance to sail up to a glacier and hopefully see it "calving" into the sea. Calving is the term they use to describe the process of the glacier melting in sheets and falling into the seawater. Most glaciers are about 100 yards tall and to see these huge sheets of ice break off and fall into the sea with a roar of thunder is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

But there is so much more to Alaska than one can see from the sea. You leave the Royal Caribbean ship in Seward and are driven in deluxe motor coaches to Anchorage. You then proceed to Denali National Park site of the tallest mountain in North America - Mt Denali (formerly known as Mt McKinley). From Denali you board special rail cars with glass domes for 180-degrees of visibility of your surroundings. This thrilling railroad adventure takes you to Fairbanks - which is where you catch your flight home.

This Alaskan land adventure is four days and three nights. There are tours along the way and each night is spent in a hotel. The first night is in Denali National Park and the next two nights are in Fairbanks.

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