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| October 4, 2008

No matter how you spell it, a cruisetour is a shipboard voyage combined with a land-based tour.

European Cruisetours

By way of contrast, lets look at a European cruisetour, also from Royal Caribbean. This one is called the 10 Night Italian Lakes, Verona & Venice Cruisetour. You fly into beautiful Milan, the financial and fashion capital of Italy. From Milan you are driven north to Stresa, Italy, near the northern border with Switzerland. You spend two nights in a hotel in Stresa which includes day tours throughout the region including a day boat to the beautiful Borromean Islands. The next day you travel to historic and ancient Verona where you see the Roman aqueducts and the balcony of Shakespeare's Juliet.

After spending a night in a hotel in Verona, you take a motor coach to Venice where you spend the day touring before you board your cruise ship for your cruise to Croatia, Corfu, Athens, Mykonos and Katakolon, Greece.

Summing Up

Cruisetours are a simple way to combine a cruise with a land tour. The advantage of a cruisetour is that all the details are prearranged for you including making sure you get to your ship on time. You do not have to make separate reservations at any hotels or pre-arrange transportation to your cruise ship. Every detail is handled for you, including picking a restaurant for you for each meal, which you may or may not choose to attend.

Naturally, you can always arrange to arrive in a city a few days before your cruise and see it on your own. I highly recommend this for cruises that start in cities like Venice or Rome. But if you want to see a variety of sites before your cruise and that will require arranging transportation to many different places and hotels, then a pre-arranged cruisetour is a simple way to have all the planning done for you.

One last thing - based on our experience, you will enjoy a land tour a lot more if you plan it for the period before your cruise instead of after. The land tours generally require more energy and logistic planning than your cruise will, so your enthusiasm for such details will be greater before your cruise than afterwards. Trying to do extensive touring after your cruise is like trying to jog after a full-body massage. You can do it, but it feels better in the opposite order.

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