I’d give up all the gifts in exchange for a week long party.

For the people who want a more leisurely morning, new tours will start at about 11:00 a.m.

Many technological innovations define the Quantum of the Seas - but best is Broadband Web Access

10 ways for seniors to enjoy cruises; complaint departments, plenty of restrooms and early dining

The smaller sister ship will go into drydock 11 months early in January for major re-fit

Find the cruise best equipped to supply the most satisfaction

A hot debate topic at cruise lines as Internet access at sea gets faster and cheaper

The Caribbean’s newest port project is a $70-million facility on Tortuga near the coast of Haiti

The first mainstream cruise line all-inclusive price offer yields surprising benefits

Celebrity will take passengers to some of the biggest world events in 2015-16

Following a survey that found 58% of women prefer chocolate to sex and 69% have frequent cravings

One cannot predict when an event calamitous can occur.

Now you can fly half-way around the world for free when traveling to Tierra del Fuego

Book Early for Explore 4 benefits; free beverage package, Pinnacle Grill dinner, new suite offer and more

Award-winning Miami-based mixologist Gabriel Orta of Bar Lab Cocktails creates new cocktails for ships

Carnival, now Official Cruise Line of America’s Team to bring more fun to home games

The cruise lines were slow to join the Online game, but they now embrace it

Cruising has rapidly evolved, now is the time to change many outdated old-time traditions. The full version of this article

Included dining will offer reservations, new menus, a wide variety of new dishes and Chocoholic specialties

Disney Cruise Line has a number of special events planned for the 2014 Halloween cruises

Four new ships of record size for Norwegian are set to arrive in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019

Save up to $700 on a 10-day 2014 or 2015 cruise until July 17th

The newer generation of “mega-ships” cannot fit beneath the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

You can now visit the world’s largest cruise ship by taking a Google Maps

The realities of what you might face when cruising during hurricane season

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