Windjammer Singles Cruises Return

| Thursday, 01 May 2014

Singles Travel International will charter the S/V Mandalay for two singles cruise charters

Back in the day when cruise lines were operated more like speakeasy night clubs than legitimate businesses one cruise line stood out as a favorite among solo cruisers. Renowned for its freewheeling approach to the seafaring lifestyle was Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, a line that was started by Michael Burke, a family man who just wanted to leave a good business to his kids. But in the end it turned the kids in a raging inferno of lying, backstabbing, manipulative and circumspect fraudsters. The line; Windjammer Barefoot Cruises went down not so much in a blaze of glory, but more like the final glowing ember of hope burning its last molecule.

In the end – the company had ransacked the savings from thousands of prospective customers who loved the boats so much they were willing to pay for as many as 10 cruises in advance. Unfortunately, those cruises never materialized in the vast majority of cases, and the money disappeared with no recourse for those who had been duped.

Importantly; the word “Windjammer” is a style or model of sailing ship, similar to the word “schooner.” It is important to understand that there are many companies with the word “Windjammer” in their title – but none of them are the original Windjammer Barefoot Cruises Ltd (WBCL).

The Windjammer Barefoot Cruises Attraction

What is perhaps most amazing about the Windjammer Barefoot Cruises calamity is how much the people involved still miss the experiences they had on those boats. Many of the duped followers didn’t mind losing the money so much as they were saddened that they would never get a chance to repeat the WBCL experience.

The cruises were tailor made for young-at-heart, party-hearty people. Guests were allowed to sleep on the decks. Shoes were never required, there were free “rum swizzles” handed out every night for happy hour, and the fun was made by interaction between the crew and cruisers; during crab races, story time, dance parties and plenty of rum shots chased down with tepid beer. The friendships created on many of these cruises were enduring, and people couldn’t get enough. A forum that is still online, the Jammerbabe Flotilla, is a testament to depth of commitment to this cruise line, even though the line virtually disappeared almost six years ago.

Recreating the Windjammer Experience for Two Cruises

A new company, Windjammer Sailing Adventures was started in 2012 with the purchase of the former flagship of Windjammer barefoot Cruises; the SV Mandalay is a 236-foot sailing ship that was originally the private yacht of E.F. Hutton. She has been completely refurbished (not an insignificant job since she had been allowed to rust and decay in the final days on WBCL) and is now sailing on many of the same Grenada-based itineraries that WBCL used to sail. The line is not shy about their model being largely based upon the original format created by Captain Michael Burke and the original Barefoot Cruises company.

Two Singles Charters Scheduled aboard the Mandalay

Solo cruisers were always the most popular guests on Windjammer Barefoot cruises, and the line was often named as the best cruise line for singles in the business. So, in 2014 one of the leading singles cruise charter companies, Singles Travel International, announced that it will be offering two upcoming Sail Windjammer cruises on the historic S/V Mandalay; July 6th (one week) and November 2nd (two weeks).

The cruises will host up to 54 single travelers and visit secluded beaches in a variety of islands in the Grenadines, like Bequia, Mayreau, Tobago Cays, and more, where conventional cruise ships never go.


Singles Travel International Charters Sail Windjammer Cruises

An exclusive agreement between Singles Travel International and Sail Windjammer allows for a customized itinerary including complimentary snorkeling gear for members, swimming with sea turtles, and visiting secluded and undeveloped beaches. Scuba diving is available as an option in several ports. This laid back week is casual and less structured than a big ship experience and the captain will cover all of the beautiful islands listed, but in an order that accommodates Single Travel’s desires and the whims of Mother Nature. In addition to the vibrant, online community with private chat for members on the cruise, a pre-cruise package in Grenada allows members to get well acquainted before the cruise.

“What an idyllic slice of the world. People are so friendly, including the crew, and with the intimate ship all to ourselves, it felt like a private yacht,” said Kathy Dunn from Tampa, Florida, who sailed on the all singles cruise last year.

Tammy Weiler, founder and president of Singles Travel International, said “We are pleased to tell you that the “Windjammer” culture is alive and well with the return of Rum Swizzles, crab races, deck parties, sleeping on the deck and the playing of “Amazing Grace” while raising the sails. And a touch of class, as you might expect from Singles Travel International.”

About Singles Travel International     

Singles Travel International is an industry leader of singles vacations offering Short and long trips to close-by destinations and distant and exotic locations with 5-star service. Cruises are primarily for the 40+ set with member ages in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Hallmarks of STI trips are personalized service, special singles events, and flexibility. Singles Travel International also offers an exclusive free online community of 23,000 single travelers worldwide.

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