Interview with a Youth Counselor (Part 1)

| December 15, 2008

What life is like onboard for the crew members who take care of your kids.

On a recent family cruise with my children, I sat down with Stephanie Cornish, one of Norwegian Cruise Line's Youth Program Supervisors. Stephanie, from Lucan, Ontario, oversees a staff of a dozen youth counselors aboard NCL's Norwegian Dawn. Her story about what it's like to work on a cruise ship is typical of the energetic youth counselors you will find at sea no matter which cruise line you and your children sail.

CruiseMates: Prior to becoming a youth counselor at sea, did you work with children?

Cornish: I worked in Special Services/Behavioral Therapy for children up to six years old and implemented the protocol that children's therapists prescribed. For one and a half years I worked with two autistic children. After becoming a member of the Canadian Autism Society, I worked as a camp counselor for autistic children ages five to 18 years.

CruiseMates: How and when did you get involved in becoming a cruise youth counselor?

Cornish: Through the Internet, I came across something regarding working as a youth counselor at sea and became intrigued. I interviewed with a recruiting company and started at NCL in May 2007 as a youth counselor. By March 2008, I was promoted to youth program supervisor.

CruiseMates: What attracted you to becoming a youth counselor at sea?

Cornish: I've always loved working with kids. In addition to the professional experience I just mentioned, I was also a coach for children's hockey teams, figure skating, and also a camp counselor for non-autistic children.

CruiseMates: Had you ever been on a cruise prior to signing your first contract as a youth counselor at sea?

Cornish: Can you believe that my first day of work with NCL was the first time I'd ever even seen a cruise ship? That's why I so enjoyed my first contract -- because I had no expectations. Everything was new and exciting.

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