Interview with a Youth Counselor (Part 3)

| December 15, 2008

What life is like onboard for the crew members who take care of your kids.

CruiseMates: Do you get any time off when the ship is in port?

Cornish: We youth counselors tend to go off the ship (while in Bermuda) later at night once there are fewer children on board. We take a ferry to Hamilton and relax a bit in the city.

CruiseMates: How was it being away from home for the holidays for the first time?

Cornish: During the year, time goes so quickly that we don't have time to think about missing our home and families. However, that changes around the holidays when everyone thinks of home. I have to admit, it is very difficult to be away from home during the holidays.

CruiseMates: Are your friends among the crew mostly the youth counselors?

Cornish: Last year when I was working on the Norwegian Spirit, I was friends with staff from all departments. Here on the Norwegian Dawn, I'm mostly friends with fellow youth counselors, dancers and the comedy cast from Second City.

CruiseMates: What kind of facilities do crew members have at their disposal?

Cornish: The crew -- which comes from about 60 different countries -- has a day room that includes a pool table, foosball table, and furniture for hanging out; a mess hall with buffet food; and a convenience store. Since Freestyle 2.0 has been instituted, there have been some nice additional perks for crew, including free laundry service and improved food.

CruiseMates: Is there a crew member who's in charge of the crew members?

Cornish: Yes, there's a crew activities coordinator who plans parties for crew members; is a resource for any questions or problems; and even gives out S.T.Y.L.E. awards for the best manager of the month, best dressed, or crew member who helps others the most.

CruiseMates: What advice do you give to youth counselor newcomers?

Cornish: I advise them to take it one day at a time. I also like to remind them when they've had a rough week that a new cruise starts next week with new children, parents and energy.

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