At Home on a Straight Ship

NOTE: The Sea Princess is now out of service, however, sister-ships Sun and Dawn Princess are sailing for Princess Cruises.

I have met many gay/lesbian cruisers on many ships. They have a common theme. They love to cruise and they either travel alone or with their partners. I enjoyed my most recent cruise on the Sea Princess. I met several gay couples and one single gay man. What's funny is that at my dinner table we had nine people. Two straight and a mix of seven gays and lesbians.

One straight man was my guest who was looking for Mrs. Right. During our first meal, quite discreetly, I told him that he would not find Mrs. Right at our table. He said, "What do you mean?" I replied, "You will understand later." Soon after he understood that there were three gay/lesbian couples at our table. Princess puts single people together. It turned out most were not straight at our table!

I privately asked the couples, "Why Sea Princess and not a gay/lesbian group cruise?" Most stated that they wanted to see theWestern Caribbean and wanted to do this alone. The single person wanted to get some R&R and maybe meet Mr. Right. They all thought the Sea Princess was the right ship for them. All of them had nice balconies. They said we knew that we would meet other gays on the ship. This was true. We met often for drinks and became good friends. Even other gays joined us. I even have some of their E-mail addresses and chat with them often. I hope to cruise with them again.

There was one gay entertainer who told me that he meets many gay couples on Sea Princess. "They tend to travel alone, as couples or as individuals," he told me. Certainly, this is not my first experience like this on the Sea Princess. So I think the gay traveler needs to know that there are many nice ships to choose from, including the straight mass-market ships.

I have three gay male couples going on the Grand Princess to Europe this year because they want to see Europe and Spain. They enjoy each other's company and want to share the experience together and have heard good things from others about Grand Princess.

Before my first cruise I thought that I would not feel at home on any straight cruise ship. Was I ever wrong! Just think about it. Did I ever ask the same question about flying? No! Staying at a fine hotel? No! Dining out? No! I didn't know any better then. I know better now!!!

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