Random Comments from Cruisers

| Jan. 26, 2006

We receive quite a few short comments on topics people think are important. Here they are:

Not happy with Princess! By KD Jan. 9, 2006

"Discretionary Hotel and Dining Charge?"

How does this really work and what options are there really?? This charge is $10 per day/person automatically charged to your account every day. It's meant to be split to those staff in the hotel and dining areas. Those are big and seperate departments.

We liked our waiter and busboy but our cabin steward was a problem. If we had removed any $ from the tips on our account because of the cabin steward the waiter and busboy would have gotten that mush less as well. If we had removed all the $ from our acct and given out our own tips then the waiter and busboy would have had to turn those in and again it would have been split. So at the end they would really have not gotten more . Only if we left our account alone and gave them an EXTRA tip would they have been aloud to keep it. How is this fair? I'm not going to pay all the $ on my account PLUS! I wanted to remove from the cabin steward but how?

I also wondered how the tips work out when the sailing was several hundred people short? This staff was not really motivated on this sailing and I don't blame them. They knew going out of port they would be short thousands of $ in tips. How does that work?

I have written to Princess about these questions and all I get back is they are sorry I was not happy with there system and I had my options while on the ship. The truth is it ended up being a guilt trip whether to punish one person and make all the rest suffer. They fail to tell me how I could have tipped who and how much I wanted without them taking over. Not happy with Princess!

No More Gurkhas on Princess! H A Wisell January 12, 2007

Regarding cruise ship security and the use of Gurkha guards, at least one line, shown above, has changed from Gurkhas to Indian guards. We are familiar with the Gurkhas reputations, I'm not sure the what qualifications the Indian guards have. Willing to work for a lower wage may be the overriding reason.

Travel Insurance Rip-Off by S. Alborn January 10, 2007

This was the seventh cruise with Princess and we had always taken travel protection insurance since we book months ahead. In this case, we booked the trip for ourselves plus two family members in May, paid the full amount for all four passengers in October and received an upgrade from 2 mini-suites to a2 full suites prior to the trip in January.

One week before departure, the two family members were forced to cancel and we contacted Princess immediately. Their suite was resold to another couple by Princess but we never received a refund of money or credit for another cruise, instead the credit for another cruise ( discounted) went to the two family members and we just lost $3015 with no recourse according to Princess and their underwriter insurance company. This is my message to other travelers - never buy tickets to take other people on a cruise because they will receive the credit or refund and you will be left with nothing.

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