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| May 28, 2007

We get some very strange requests, and often we just wonder if people know who the heck we are? Read the following comments and see if you can figure it out:

Lost Camera on Board Martin Feb. 10, 2007

dear sir, i,m writing to you about our camera which we miss laid on board the cruise ship galaxy while on holidays in the carribean from 2 nd of january ti the 12 th january 2007 .sir we miss laid the camera the nite before our cruise finished in the rondevou bar ,we reported it to management who were very helpful and told us they would look forus and if found would send it on to us .its been a month now sir and we have ot heard anything from the ship as to if they did or didnt find it,so i would be greatful if you could look in to the matter for me ,our stateroom was 8101 under the names martina mccarville and martin hennessy ,look forward to hearin from you

(our reply): We suggest you try these: http://www.celebritycruises.com/contactus/home.do Post-cruise questions and comments: 1-800-256-6649 Lost luggage and lost and found: 1-800-256-6649

dear sir , i,m very disappointed with your reply to my email ref camera ,if i wanted to ring i would have ,i emailed you hoping u would have looked in to the matter for me..? but as u didnt i,ll try rining those numbers ,knowing only to well i will be passed from one to the other and put on hold costing me money in phone bills ..? once again thak you .

Reader Reviews by Jeff VanDerford June 01, 2007

Dear sir: I enjoy reading your website, but I have a concern. Virtually every member review I read is positive, no, make that ecstatic about the cruising experience. Which leads me, and others I've discussed this with, to think that since only good reviews make it you could be censoring to keep the cruise lines happy. Not every cruiser has a 100 percent happy time.


Our Reply: Thank you for your question, The answer is we NEVER censor a member review one bit, and I can point out MANY negative ones to you. If fact, the way we look at it is more people who write cruise reviews are likely to complain that to be positive, because people how are happy with a product rarely say much about it. However, if you have never been on a cruise (I am guessing) I truly believe you would be amazed at how nice they are, and that is why there are so many good reviews. Here are some negative reviews: Explorer of the Seas (how NOT to write a complaint letter!) Norwegian Wind Pride of Aloha Costa Classica

Oxygen Onboard? by Harold February 11, 2007

What is your policy on oxygen? Do you provide oxygen for pasengers?

Mother's Birthday by Helena February 13, 2007

My parents are in a cruise on Rotterdam VI Ship. Cabine: 1930 - Monteiro, Viriato Today is my mother birthday and i'm wodering if it's possible for her to recive this messenge of happy birthday. Thank You Helena

Lost Cellphone by Chris February 21, 2007

Hi, I travelled on the 4 day cruise to Bahamas on Feb 11, staying in stateroom 2584. I left a cell phone (Sony Ericsson, blue) there....has it been handed in? Grace was the chambermaid for the room. Thanks, Chris

Looking for Work by Jay Gee February 21, 2007

hi im jay aged 25 from new zealand and i've never had the pleasure in traveling. what would i do to come work for you guys? Only asking because i want to work in the best atmosphere. thank you Jay Gee

Travel Insurance Ripoff! By Tommy Feb 2, 2007

Thank you for your article on Insurance. I wish to reflect my own experience in Oct 2004.

After a 24-day back-to-back cruise on RCI's Brilliance of the Seas' Mediterranean Greek Isles & Venice, the ship returned to the Port of Barcelona on Oct 26. The ship was delayed in entering the port because of the local fishermen had blockade the Port on a "Fuel Subsidy Protest". Instead of berthing in the morning, we finally made it on shore at about 10:30 PM. Naturally we missed our own arranged flight and was forced to spend the night at the airport. We finally flew out from Barcelona, on our own accord and on business class the next day, to our next destination.

When we got back, we were treated very well by RCI which gave us future cruise credit, reimbursement for the hotel (in fact airport) and meal spent as well. We then submitted a claim through out travel agent to the Thomas Cook Travel Insurance with the intention to get back certain portion of the flight, understandably not the whole, but in vain.

In a letter addressing to us on Nov 21, 2005 (yes negotiating for a whole year), they cited that, and I quote, "Base on the information submitted, we notice that the reason for cancellation was due to fisherman's strike in Spain causing the ship to be delayed at the port. Please be advised that under Section 8, Trip Cancellation, the cancellation, curtailment, interruption or delay of the trip must be as a result of a covered risk as outlined in the Policy. Based on the documentation submitted to substantiate your claim, the circumstances, which have caused your claim, are unfortunately not a covered risk as outlined in the policy. We sincerely regret that we are unable to cover your cause for cancellation."

We used to have Thomas Cook Travel Insurance to cover our travel business for over 15 years and we do travel at least twice to three times a year. Ever since that incident, we abruptly changed the style of purchasing travel insurance, as suggested in your article, directly with the cruise/travel company instead. We knew very well that if we had purchased the insurance with RCI, they would have had compensated us in full wholeheartedly since we are their Premium members.

This merely is to echo of how unscrupulous the insurance industry is when you have to read the fine print and that they always have the final say or excuses NOT to pay up.

Perhaps, in case that you want to explore on the subject on "interruption" and to expand on it on another article, I have all the correspondence which I can share with you for reference. However, we will be away for a cruise and land holiday for 6 weeks from Mar 24 to May 05, so contact me other that those time.

Cruise Line Policy by Dennis February 21, 2007

Hi Paul, Some other interesting items. Did you know that NCL charges $15 per day to use their therapy pool by the spa?? RCCL & Celebrity now charge $89.00 per week to use a portion of their spa's steam room. Celebrity Mercury, Martini's are now $9.50 plus 15% gratuity. House Wine ordered by the pool is $8.00 plus 15% gratuity. Amazing how some the Cruise Lines have abandon customer service & quality for profits. Take RCCL for Instance. The food quality had been dismal at best. Carnival 's food is better then most Royal Ships. It's all about quarterly profits. How about this one. One of our agents made a booking with NCL. The reservation expired. NCL called the customer directly and tried to renew the booking and explained to the customer that NCL would appoint a representative to handle the reservation. "BALLS". Just so happen that the guest was loyal to their travel agent and informed the agent of this underhanded event. We do have names and are pursuing this with NCL. I call it the 10 year plan. We are already about two years into the 10 year plan. The cruise lines with their call centers will eventually cut commissions to 10%, silicate more cliental and make deals on the side in the way of upgrades and onboard credit that agents will never be able to match. Carnival has been the biggest offender of this over the last couple of years. Yes they have been called to the carpet and it has seemed to have quieted down. They even removed the information requested on their home page for getting a quote. This was used to call guest directly right after the registered to cut off the travel agent and to make the booking. I could on for hours about the crap they pull. Cost of doing business I guess. I had attended a local seminar where the cruise line agent tried to compare a cruise to an All-Inclusive showing the cost. I raised my hand and offered to punch holes her demonstration and show how the cruise lines are more expensive. Most in the room were in agreement. The demo was stopped and the agnet went on to other highlights of the cruise business. Thank you, Dennis

Bruise Neirenberg by Jay Gee February 21, 2007

Tell Bruce we LOVED the Big Red Boat (Oceanic) - it is STILL the best cruise experience we have had! Put him in charge of a line like Carnival or RCL and you'd really see some innovation... too bad the beancounters wouldn't approve. Stephen

Cruise Insider Articles by RJ March 3, 2007

Dear Sir: I just finished reading the articles on "insider" cruise info. Wow! The usual cruise article is so full of fluff and hype ( just like the way most cruise line market and run their cruises) that I really didn't expect much. But both articles on working on a ship and the article by Bruce Nierenberg were excellent...............full of interesting facts and thought provoking concepts. Keep up the good work and give us some more of this. Sincerely, R.J. P.S. Now, if we could just keep the travel agents from whining about their situation at every opportunity.

Missing Friend by Victor Hugo May 5, 2007

I want to know if a friend of mine work with you guys, i dont see him since 1996 his name is Miguel Angel Benitez Sevilla apreciate if you have any information thanks. vhpavon from La Ceiba , Honduras

Disney Ship by Organ Builder May 25, 2007

Hello: I just saw a program about servicing the Disney liner on the Discovery Channel. There was a claim that it was built along traditional lines. That the ship had traditional decor. As a student of shipping, shipbuilding and "Traditional liners" I would suggest that there could be nothing further from the truth than these exaggerated claims of Tradition. In act this is ugly. It is a shame that the designers of this vessel did not, indeed, follow traditional designs and combined the luxury interiors of the 1920 period liners with modern amenities. However, the need to pack as many people as possible on board to make as much profit as they can dictates that commercialism overcomes the concepts of real "tradition" I am aware that you are not responsible for either design or operation of the vessel. I just hop you can forward my message of disgust and disappointment to the people responsible for this travesty. Thank you - I do hope you do well and your very traditional business prospers. Vincent

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