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Today's Senate Committee Cruise Safety Hearings had Two Big Surprises

Not all questions are silly - sometimes it the answers that are more silly than the questions

Some of the stranger emails we have received here at CruiseMates over the years

I fought Murphy's law during a recent cruise, and the law won

Our many talented contributors and staff tell us their most romantic cruise true stories

Many of the things non-cruisers believe about cruising are not exactly accurate

New "zero-tolerance policies" have created rules that you must follow or get off the ship

How to enjoy your tropical cruise now matter what body type you happen to own

Norwegian Cruise Line tests the tumultuous waters of a Twitter social media cruise.

Today's cruise ships have more activities to keep you happy from waking to waning

CruiseMates' reader Todd De Haven opines the high expectations of perfection in food and service on cruises ships.

let there be silence as our group leader prepares to speak...

Not everyone who watched Obama take the oath of office was shivering on the National Mall.

A reader reacts to the ongoing anti-cruise media bias assaulting the cruise industry

What are the differentiating factors between these three categories of cruise lines?

Reports nationwide have cruise ships under attack! In the Media!

Media reports nationwide have cruise ships under attack!

Is eliminating cruise ship dress codes just a sign of the times, or a mistake?

What is the difference between a tourist and a traveler?

Interview with David Armitage, hotel manager aboard Royal Caribbean International

Thinking about a cruise but have concerns? Toss your fears overboard

The editorial that changed cruise ship entertainment as it was in the early 2000s

What our CruiseMates staff would wish for if Santa could bring a cruise

Agents suggest passengers are less satisfied with their seagoing vacation

Kuki discovers the wonders of booking a hotel on Priceline

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