Humor and Opinions on Cruising

One man's humorous tale of dining at the coveted Captain's Table

How to fix some of the inevitable bad things that can happen on almost any cruise

Is the entire concept of "CruiseMates" to meet kindred spirits at sea an odd thing?

What it means to run the food services departments on a cruise ship; galleys, cooks, waiters, cleaners

Imagine our reader's surprise when he saw his wife was cruising with a British stranger

Packing for a cruise in the days when formal meant FORMAL!

Kuki gets a job working on a cruise ship as a blackjack dealer

What it's like to sail across the Atlantic ocean on a cruise ship repositioning cruise

Some Holidays, especially Christmas, can be pretty hard for crewmembers separated from their families

Toga parties used to be a regular occasion on Costa cruises - Kuki finds out

The differences between women and men also apply equally in the cruise world

Back in the day of Formal Nights a 10-day Carnival cruise had FOUR scheduled

Kuki tells us his own particular method for avoiding cruise problems

Kuki expresses his appreciation for the excellent and friendly staff of Holland America

What can people traveling this time of year expect from

Certain items are essential to having a romantic cruise - especially for new couples

A cruise to Alaska back in the day of formal nights and captain's table

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