Confessions of a Cruise Addict

I took my first cruise in Dec.1994. I thought I could control the urge, that what had happened to so many before me could never get the best of this guy. Boy was I wrong!

The addiction was mild to begin with. Initially I was satisfied with one cruise a year. But in 1995 I made the mistake of convincing my brother in law and family to join our family for a week at Disney World followed by a 7 day cruise.

The week at Disney taught me two things -- how to reach for my wallet without a second thought, and how much I hate standing in all those lines.

After a week at Disney World my fate was sealed. I could feel the "cruise fire" growing in my belly. I was addicted! Boarding Celebrity's Century was the only relief possible.

At first I thought the addiction was controllable. Then came 1996. We thought rather than do the week in Disney (I'd learned my lesson) we'd still take a 2 week family vacation, but this time we'd do back to back cruises on the Carnival Destiny as it was alternating Eastern and Western Caribbean sailing's.

Now I had no choice but to let the addiction have it's way with me. Sure enough, we returned home to welcome in 1997 by booking our first spring cruise -- without the kids.

Not even considering the ramifications, I thought, it doesn't take a genius to realize Mrs. Kuki and I could cruise alone twice for the cost of one cruise with the kids. Sure enough, the addiction was taking control; my children were about to become cruise orphans.

After a hectic cruise schedule in 97, and early 1998 I felt some pangs of conscience and booked another family cruise to Alaska, just to let the kids know that we still did care. When we returned, I couldn't help myself, I booked the next cruise for just Mrs. Kuki and me, and then another, and another, and another.....

I now rationalize... It's OK, my kids are smart, they'll do well as they grow up. They don't really need an inheritance.

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