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CruiseMates Cruise Director Kuki's Daily Ship's Log - August 6 Sadly, the conclusion...

With images of last night's incredible fireworks display still fresh in my mind I laid in bed already reminiscing about the cruise. I've come to learn that no cruise is perfect, and there will always be areas that could use improvement.

In the Windjammer Cafe breakfast buffet the only items I saw change was the daily alternating of pancakes and french toast. The made to order omelet stations only had a choice of two or three ingrediants each day,and forget over-easy eggs -- they only use an egg mix. Is this an issue worth mentioning in my log? Not really, but since the majority of passengers eat their breakfasts and lunches at the Windjammer, I think some greater attention to detail is called for in this area.

In the dining room it seemed some people had a problem getting their steaks cooked to taste. The problem I saw is except for the chateaubriand, and the filet mignon, all the other steaks are cut so thin it has to be near impossible to cook them anything other than well done. That's the way I eat my steaks, so this was no problem for me.

Kuki - Moose
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Food is an objective issue. Personally, I found the food ranged from good to, on occasion, excellent. Two things I know. RCI still has the best fries at sea, and the worst pizza. Having pointed out minor problems in the area of food, I have to say I never went wanting, and had no problem adding to my already less than svelte form.

With one exception, I found the staff of the Vision to be friendly and helpful at every turn. Normally I find the staff in the casino to be the friendliest on the ship. This didn't entirely hold true on the Vision. Somehow I wasn't able to establish the same comeraderie with the casino staff that has usually come so easily. They certainly weren't nasty or mean. Just possibly a bit indifferent.

Otherwise, for our outstanding room steward, our professional and friendly dining room staff, and even the staff I passed in the halls, I have nothing but praise. The Vision has a wonderful crew.

There is no other vacation which I've experienced where five couples, all previous strangers, meet somewhat nervously to dine together through somewhat random dining room assignments, and seven days later depart teary-eyed friends. This has happened to me over and over again on cruises, and is one of the special things about cruising that is so addictive to me.

At the end of our cruise, two of the four other couples we shared the dining room with said they were ready to book to join me on my next cruise on the Celebrity Millennium. I told them that this helps prove my theory.... 50% of all people want to cruise with Kuki. And 100 % of those that do, know how to "not sweat the small stuff" and have a ball!!

The layout of the Vision Class ships is one of my all time favorites. Other than the congestion caused by people heading to, or leaving the shows in the Masquerade Theater, the ship is easy to get to know, and get around. The "walls of glass" in all the public areas keeps you connected to the sea, and remind you that you're cruising. And you know, It's Like No Vacation On Earth!

The adventure ends... farewell, friends.

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