Aboard the Seabourn Legend -Day 4

Seabourn Legend
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It seems Mrs. Kuki and I have become acclimatized to the ways of the Seabourn Legend. We've been sleeping late, savoring the outstanding meals onboard, and napping often. If I get any more relaxed Mrs. Kuki is going to have to check my pulse. It will also be near to impossible to return to my work a day world. In fact, there are some passengers on Legend that don't. We've already met a few people who have been on the ship since she left Ft. Lauderdale, and will remain with the ship to Los Angeles, and then back to Ft. Lauderdale, for a total of 44 days on the ship. If I were to stay on this ship for 44 days I'd have gained 90 lb., and forgot my name by the time I got off. As we've got to know more of our fellow passengers we've found they are amongst the most well travelled one could meet. Many seem to have been to all corners of the world.

The Seabourn Herald is the daily activity brochure delivered to the cabin each evening. Included with the Herald is the full lunch and dinner menu for the following day. I loved waking up in the morning and perusing the amazingly extensive culinary offerings of the day. I understand on Seabourn, no matter how long the cruise, the dining room menu never repeats. This has to be rather a daunting task for the executive chefs, considering many of the lengthy cruises, and unusual itineraries, which the Seabourn ships sail.

Today the ship anchored off of Cabo San Lucas. The Legend carries two of her own tenders. They're more like Venetian water taxis than tenders; each one holding twenty passengers quite comfortably.

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Mrs. Kuki and I didn't book a ship's excursion for Cabo. We simply took a tender in, walked through town and used the beach facilities at the Hacienda Hotel on Medano beach. This is about a 45-minute walk from the pier. It's a nice facility with many of the haciendas built right into hills on the property, with the beach as their patio.

With the numerous hawkers, Mexican beaches are spots you can sun, drink and shop all at the same time.

Compared to Acapulco and Peurto Vallarta, "Cabo" remains fairly undeveloped. Since our last visit here in 1994, there are many more hotel and resort complexes. It appears there's also been a lot of work done on the infrastructure here since our last visit. Roads are paved, and there's a fairly large marina filled with many private yachts.

For those who enjoy deep-sea fishing, this is supposed to be one of the premiere spots on the West Coast. As we made our way to the beach we were certainly offered many fishing trips, booze cruises, and para-sailing opportunities. Cabo San Lucas is also becoming very well known for its fabulous golf courses.

The Legend wasn't departing "Cabo" until 8 PM, and with no specifically assigned dining times, we made our way back to the ship at our own leisurely pace. On the walk back to the ship I stumbled on 2 Internet cafes, but it must have been siesta time, as both were closed.

Tonight at dinner we had one of those menus, when everything sounds so good, you want to have one of everything. To sample at least some of each, I ordered the vegetarian entree in place of the soup, the pasta entree in place of the salad, as well as the veal entree. The waiter didn't even blink at my out of sync requests. He happily delivered them with no mistakes. Not only was each and every choice I made a gourmand's delight, but the presentation was artistic culinary magic. I looked at each course as it was presented and I almost felt guilty destroying these works of art by eating them. Of course, almost is the operative word. I didn't eat them all. I devoured them!

I understand too, that if there's something you want which isn't on the menu, the chef will make every effort to prepare it for you. I spoke with one group who asked if they could get Goose meat. The chef not only cooked a Goose for them, he carved it for them table-side. Life is tough on the Legend.

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